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Remember Pittsburgh for Dawn Lori

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is known for the Pittsburgh Steelers and sports. But when I tell you to remember Pittsburgh, you are going to remember it for a different reason. Remember Pittsburgh for Dawn Lori. The small-town girl who came from the humblest of beginnings, and is exploding on the entertainment scene. One of Pittsburgh‘s rising stars is shining bright as she climbs her way up to the top. Dawn Lori, as we all know her, is no stranger to the camera, having modeled for twenty-plus years as a freelance model. To humble to think she draws a crowd anywhere. Promoters and agencies are reaching out to her even as I write this article. When I called her for information, her phone was ringing. “Oh they are just friends,” she says, as she laughs on the phone and plays it down. 

A very kind woman indeed. 

It was not until the recent Spiritual Awakening that made her lit her own fire under herself and others. She became a Certified Tarot Master and opened her own gifts, business, and Dawns Early Light, LLC. Her social media presence exploded on TikTok with readings accumulating over 73k followers & an Instagram presence of over 7k, and her own Patreon Podcast. As a breakthrough actress, Dawn landed the Role of Pearl Chaffe in the film “The Carver House” by Siktastik Films; the release date has not been verified. Dawn began working with Samantha Jorden an experienced actress who gave her insight on ways to memorize lines and learn monologues where Dawn moved on to work with Filmmaker & director Corley White with Digital X productions. Dawn played in several movies set for release; One Mic, My neighbors R witches, My Bella, Strange Bromance, and Friends & Lovers.

Dawn has also begun working behind the scenes with Mr. Corley White in the screenwriting of new films. 

Dawn began to discuss her own gifts in her own Five series of documentaries working with Filmmaker & Director Clifton Crumbles and creating the YouTube series “Secret Stories of a Tarot Reader.”  Currently, episode two had over 3k hits. 

Episode three is scheduled to record this week. 

Continuing in her modeling career Dawn was premiered on the front and back cover as Ms. May for “Proficient” magazine a New York-based company distributed nationwide. She is contracted to be printed in two other magazines, one in mid-May and mid-July. 

“She’s a woman you want on your team. The Universe plays in her favor. When you call in Dawn. She just gets it done.” Stated Meghan Petrick, her long-time friend. 

Dawn joined PWX Wrestling with the new change of administration and the positive energy the company was attracting with BLAM and the overall atmosphere, for social media and promotions. She was quickly promoted to CEO, (the affiliate of PWX) of AngelGate Women’s Wrestling and Host of the womens podcast. Come July AngelGate will retire, with even bigger woman’s news coming out of PWX and the administration. 

Dawn is making changes. She is that vibrant bright light that doesn’t go away.  She just keeps rising, and shining on everyone in her path. 

Remember Pittsburgh. Not for the city. But for this beautiful blonde bombshell rising above it. 

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