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Tarot Card Reader | Human and Animal Healer and Telepathy | Environmentalist

Jyotsana Kamboj in her own words

Hey there, Jyotsana here.

You may not know me yet, but I’m an angel intuitive.

As an intuitive, I work with a team of angels and high-level guides to help people attract more of what they want out of life—whether that’s an amazing soulmate, a bigger bank account, a new career, greater spiritual wisdom, or deep personal growth.

My Spiritual journey began after my marriage. I developed a natural interest in Reiki and Tarot card reading and after rigorous meditation, I started practising Reiki which significantly helped people heal for their physical and mental health. This motivated me every single day to serve the people and society to the best of my ability. Alongside this, I am a nature and an Animal Lover. I have helped to find many lost pets to their owners with the help of Animal Telepathic Communication, Angel Therapy, Pendulum Dowsing and so much more.

As per my belief, the universe is full of vibrations. The first is “high vibration”. When you vibrate at a high frequency, you attract people, places, and experiences that match your vibration, making it easy to obtain what you want. To picture this, firstly think of your body like a magnet. On one hand, when you’re sad, angry, or stressed out, your vibrational frequency is low, so the magnet’s pull is weak. On the other hand, when you’re feeling love, joy, or appreciation, your magnet is super-strong—rapidly attracting more things into your life that make you happy! That’s why the first thing you need to manifest your desires is high vibration.

The second thing you need is the “focus”. While that probably sounds pretty easy, it’s actually trickier than you might think. For instance, maybe you think you’ve been asking the universe for more money, but your dominant vibe is truly illustrating the opposite of it, “I don’t have enough money.” [LACK]. Or perhaps you think you’ve been asking for a better body, but what you’re really broadcasting to the universe is, “I’m sick of carrying this extra weight around.” [FRUSTRATION]. In either case, you’re not attracting what you want into your life, because your focus is predominantly on what you don’t want. This is where my role comes into the picture.

It’s been 23 years now that she has been counselling clients from all walks of life. Her reputation for providing the most comprehensive predictions and remedies for problems related to health, wealth, job, career, marital issues and material success. She is also the relationship expert and helps with powerful spells.

You can connect with her via Instagram or her website and she will be very patient to understand your situation.




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