Read how, Young Digital Entrepreneur is Helping Businesses Owners Multiply there Revenue with his Innovative Approach

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Marketing is the essence of a business, if one wants to successfully run a business authentic and proper marketing is the foundation.

Biswajit is helping these businesses boost and expand with this unique approach. He has helped businesses grow across the world and given positive outcomes.

Biswajit is a former safety engineer who is now a digital marketer and a stock market trader. Biswajit was always passionate about technology and he was always intrigued by the age of 21 he started these marketing and management. Though initially Biswajit was a safety engineer and has a degree in the same subject but in 2019 the world was hit with the pandemic he did not get any job and Biswajit’s family struggled financially.

He started learning about things and started upskilling with the help of internet and explored new dimensions and ways to support his family financially. Started as a freelancer in the year 2019, after learning stock trading on the first day Biswajit made the profit of 1000INR and in the process he lost all his saving that he managed to save through freelancing. That was the lowest point of his life. But the spirt of doing something and growing was much bigger and stronger.

After this incident he worked in the field of marketing and was employed at FMCG Company where he learnt things about marketing and management but as the pandemic hit, he lost his job but the fire within him was ignited. He then saw and learnt about advertising and digital marketing,

His curiosity regarding marketing and sales grew. He then saw an opportunity in online marketing and stock trading and realised that he could do what he thinks of with the help of digital marketing, sales and branding. Since then, Biswajit has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals grow and expand. Biswajit specialises in providing booked appointments, providing organic leads and branding the business— all under one roof.  Not only he guides but strategies, plan and execute making sure that your business is boosted.

Biswajit’s journey started as a passion from a mobile, laptop, room and internet connectivity. From passion to profession as of date Biswajit has built a huge base of satisfied customers across the globe. He offers services such as copywriting, social media marketing and he also helps in strategic planning and converting raw visits into loyal paid customers.

Though his journey was not all hunky-dory he still managed to grow and help people, the first client and second with whom Biswajit worked it didn’t go very well with them but he did not give up and continued fighting and when he got his third client he helped him double his company’s revenue in no time and since then there was no turning back.

Biswajit has done everything and has seen ups and downs of life and now just in the span of one year he has worked with various leading business and has helped them get their target audience. He has been working with insurance agents, construction business mortgage brokers, loan officer, doctors’ people from various sectors have been benefited by the services that are offered by Biswajit.

You can connect to Biswajit and know more about him via following link:


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