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Are you tired of staying at home and not being able to make your ends meet? is the way to go! This is a top-notch online Job portal that connects recruiters to possible candidates. No more worries about finding the right place for your skills and talent because Hunar will care for all that. Hunar has one-upped its game. It used to be known as Suawsaar and then ‘Naukri-Wale’ in its former years but, now it’s transformed itself into something even higher and is one of the leading players in the job portal market.

Nitinn Sagarr the founder of this company is ambitiously leading forward. Hunar is a place for anyone and everyone with the zeal to work in life. “No job is small enough”, says the aspiring entrepreneur Nitinn, “Which is why we cater to almost every job recruitment and requirement. Their job portal is open to all blue-collar jobs from CNC programmers to delivery boys and peons.

They have something for everyone; it is a common ground for companies and job finders alike. It is a straightforward screening process. Companies or employers looking to recruit people can do so by posting effective video ads on Hunar Online. This saves time and puts Hunar’s resources to use. Talent recruitment takes a lot of energy and money; Hunar helps employers to find the right people for the job in the simplest ways. These video ads not only help attract potential employees to find your company but also helps in the branding of the company and spreads the word about the work it does. It is flexible and open to all since it allows recruiters to publish ads with their own audios. Publish an ad tailored to your specific needs and hit a bullseye when finding the right people.

Job seekers register themselves and can immediately start looking to find jobs that fit their area of interest. Hunar Online not only focuses on ITI and diploma holders and Engineers but also on service workers and people with NSDC skill India certified. Hunar persists in finding them fair jobs. It is easier, faster, and free! The best part is that job seekers don’t even have to upload a resume, you just need to fill in the required information and Hunar Online creates a resume for you. Hunar will always welcome people who are diligent and hard-working with open arms. You don’t have to be proficient in any one language since job recruiters post video ads in various languages with the kind of people they want. You could bag a job in the language you are confident in! It is a company that addresses the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They ensure gender equality, quality education, decent work, and economic growth and make sure that no one has to live in poverty.

Hunar opens you to a world of possibilities, it is almost entirely possible that you will find the job that is right for you and your skillset, doesn’t matter whichever expertise. Hunar online addresses the less educated, industrial skilled traders, factory workers, ex-armed force, and physically disabled, because they believe if you wish to work, that is a wish that has to be respected and honored.

Nitinn Sagarr, the tech entrepreneur, vows to deliver recruitment’s feasible solutions. One of his personal goals that he has also harnessed into the company’s motto is “Assist people and earn money”. He is a very amicable and kind-hearted person in his everyday life as well and he transfers the same enthusiasm into his work life. Hunar has won an array of honors and awards, one of the many stands to be bagged by Nitinn, the founder himself – the prestigious Globe Award. He has also won the Global Startup Award SAARC for Founder of Year.

Many job recruiters have found it easier to hire through Hunar since it is such a sped up and smoother process compared to having to go through recruiting candidates manually. “I used to be such a task without Hunar, now I have no worries,” says another happy recruiter on Hunar. Hunar has helped thousands of people find respectable jobs that are now leading a healthy lifestyle with a decent livelihood; you could be one of them too! Just trust in yourself and sign up on Hunar.Online now! To learn more visit:


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