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“Life is full of opportunities, its depend on you, which door you feel like to knock on”

Pronit Mitra

Pronit Mitra, a supertalented rising star, totally fit himself into the mentioned quotation.

He was born on 27 june 2001 in Kolkata.
He has been inclined into musical world from his childhood.
On stage, he started his life in music from 2012 onwards.
Although, he is not just good at guitar but also good at putting his fingers across harmonium, piano, Cajon, bongo, congo, melodica , and many more.

The most intellectual part of his life is to be self-taught, acoustic & electric guitarist, his skills to use a guitar as a percussion as well as a stringed instrument.

This pandemic, where we all have been busy in crying for the negativity going around the world.
Pronit, the rising star, is still busy in working passionately on his dream.
Yes, apart from his interest into instruments, he has got an amazing vocal too.
He has sung so many covers songs so far and currently the most glorified event is going to be his upcoming song “Gunah Kiya” which is going to release very soon.
We expect his this upcoming song, will also bring an insightful impact across the world.

Talking about “Gunah Kiya”,
It’s a Pop music, lyrics and Master Mixing has been done by JJ VYCK.
The song is all revolving around a boy, asking for a cause to be ditched by his lover.
Pronit experiences says that music isn’t just singing through following the lyrics but you need to add on your feels so that it touches everyone’s heart deeply.
Music isn’t just his career but his way to live his life.
The way Pronit Mitra, has subdued himself into his upcpming song could assure to make it feel each and every words of the lycris to his audiences.
We expect from his audiences to listen his voice and shower their love for his bright future.


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