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Princess Diana’s naughty side revealed!

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It appears that the People’s Princess had a mischievous side!

The Dominic Winter Auctioneers auction house recently put up for sale letters written by Princess Diana to Constantine II, the final king of Greece. These private letters, written by the late princess and addressed to the monarch, who sadly passed away earlier this year at 82 years old, contained explicit content and suggestive jokes. The two cards were successfully sold on May 17 for a bidding price of $7,000. These bold pamphlets, part of the GirlsTalk card series from approximately 1987, each featured a comical adult cartoon accompanied by a risqué punchline.

The initial message states: “Adam came first … Men always do!”

The front of the card displayed an illustrated image of a naked blond man with a leaf discreetly covering his private areas, reminiscent of the biblical portrayal of the first man, Adam.

The second letter showcased a woman donning only a bra and underwear, expressing a look of astonishment. The top of a man’s head was strategically positioned, obscuring her intimate area. Its accompanying caption stated: “What is the definition of the Perfect Man? A midget with a 10” tongue who can breathe through his ears!”

Both notes bore Princess Diana’s distinctively flowing signature and included a personal message addressed to the king. “Dearest Tino, with my warmest affection as always, from Diana,” conveyed one card. The second memorandum remarked: “Dearest Tino, sending you lots of love from Diana. I couldn’t choose between these cards, so I thought you would enjoy both!”

As per the auction house’s website, the motive behind the Princess of Wales sending these letters to the former king, who happened to be both a relative and a friend nearly two decades her senior, remains unclear. However, there is speculation that they might have originated from an inside joke that emerged during a previous gathering of royal families.

“The cards are not associated with a birthday, Christmas, or christening. Diana must have come across these cards and immediately thought of Tino, prompting her to purchase and send them, possibly inspired by a conversation they shared at a social event,” states the description of the product.

Constantine, also known as Tino, served as the ruler of Greece from 1964 until 1973, when the monarchy was abolished. The dethroned monarch had familial connections to the British royal family, as he was the first cousin once removed of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband.

Constantine also held the role of godfather to Prince William, Diana’s eldest son, whereas both Philip and Diana were later chosen as godparents to the youngest son of Tino and Anne-Marie of Denmark, Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark, who was born in 1986.

Diana was married to the current King Charles from 1981 until 1996, and tragically passed away in a car accident in 1997, shortly after the couple’s separation.

On May 6, Charles, who is now 74 years old, was officially crowned as Britain’s sovereign at Westminster Abbey, accompanied by his wife, Queen Camilla. Nevertheless, many admirers continued to cherish Diana in their hearts on that momentous day, recognizing her as the “true queen.”


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