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Pranab Kr Nath: Widely Known As An Actor, Being he is also known as an entertainer.

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Pranab Kr Nath is very well known for his artistic values all over the state of Tripura. Accurately speaking, we can see a lot of short films and innovative videos which are made by Mr.Pranab Kr Nath Now, we all must know this as a fact that he is not just someone who provides videos all the time. His interests linger over all that is good which can be done for our society. The question remains, does he really get inspired from everything around him?

Facebook is very wide social media platform which has helped a lot of people increase the number of audiences. Pranab Kr Nath is also on facebook and this has helped him a lot too along with his current career. Particularly the people who value his work along with other admirers. He is quite active and indeed aware of all the support that he is provided with from us.

He takes our feedback along with the criticism to (constructive criticism, obviously) from various media platforms. For example if something inspires us from his work, we can always let him know about it. Pranab Kr Nath is an actor after all and understands these concepts. He always mentions how much we inspire him; his fans are one of the main sources of happiness that he too appreciates.

Pranab Kr Nath’s short videos are just a part of what he does. Finding people working for our society as a whole is difficult in present time. Because we all are troubled with some issue or the other, the pandemic, the current economic status, everything just goes downhill. Like a savior that he is, Mr Nath has helped everyone one in times of dire need.

Coming from such a small city, we never expect small-town people to succeed so much. But Mr. Nath has not only done so in one field but 2 and managed to maintain a well constructed social life. It truly is remarkable how dream driven an Artist like him could be.

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