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Popular Pocopills made Enugu state rolled up with his comedy skills

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Pocopills was maybe a year ahead on Enugu states comedy club scene and already had a reputation among comedy skits as one to watch. His name is Ogili Michael Jideofor popularly known as ‘POCOPILLS’ . He is really an sarcastic and Jolly person. Physically tough, he is comfortable, confident and cool in himself.

A 22 year old boy with such a great skill of comedy, with a great Tallent to make any crying person or situation laughable , a person who can make any moment happy with his miraculous comedy skills. He stepped into this field 2 years ago and is now an honourable comedian .

Apart from his profession he is also a bright student with very good academic and sports activities. And despite of his busy schedule he always make time for his family, friends and relatives.


He also maintains his health by consuming a healthy diet which makes his mind happy to make others happy. He is a student pursuing, under graduate institute of management and technology from (IMT CAMP2) .A proper example of a healthy and happy person is Pocopills as his time schedule is properly fixed starting from early 5 am to 11pm on bed.

Therefore if you tell jokes for a living it’s hard to enjoy a comedian in the same way that a punter would, because they know all the tricks, you can see Pocopills is going and often arrive at the Enugu state long before the comedy skits telling it. He didn’t have to try too hard ; he wasn’t one of those comics who was full of nervous energy and felt the need to be permanently “on” with his amazing Tallent.


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