PISA Awards Appreciates Ace Philanthropist Imran Chaudhry for Supporting Them

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Imran Chaudhry today is known as a hero across the overseas Pakistan community and has always actively contributed his efforts towards creating a brighter future for his country. Imran Chaudhry’s work and genuine efforts towards the betterment of people and the overall Pakistan community have garnered him many headlines and recognition, where he has totally immersed himself in the welfare of the people in Pakistan. These efforts of his have been lauded by many, including the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Imran Khan.

Apart from being the philanthropist that Imran Chaudhry is, he has also excelled as a business and property entrepreneur of Dubai, helping and supporting Pakistan’s community welfare projects actively for years. Imran Chaudhry is a Dubai-based multi-millionaire, who being in a different country, has still continuously worked for the worthy causes of Pakistan, proving his love for his home country and the genuine intentions with which he has been working so far.

The Pakistani communities settled overseas have openly applauded his outstanding contribution towards the benefit of the country. He was also involved in arranging and organizing the entire visit of princess Diana in 1996 under the leadership of Imran Khan. He was also invited to the special event held in London where Prince Charles had invited Imran Khan, which was indeed an honour. Furthermore, he has been the force behind many philanthropic activities which have provided timely assistance to many causes benefitting millions in Pakistan and with his continual support the country will definitely move ahead of its time, for sure.
Faisal Khan of PISA says he was fortunate enough to have him by his side which helped the event sail through smoothly, and he is grateful for his never ending support for Pakistan and its endeavours time and again.


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