Patrick Dailey proves the saying “Age is just a number”

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In this world, there are only a handful of people who have truly seen what life holds for them. Patrick Dailey, an author and loving family man can proudly say that he is one of these few.

Patrick Dailey’s journey as a professional is quite a journey and a good measure of the fact that the man himself is quite multi-talented and able to apply himself to several aspects of life. One of the first jobs he had taken up was with a start-up company going by the name of Enigma Cars USA. This is definitely an offbeat task for someone who will go on to become an author but that doesn’t mean Patrick Dailey wasn’t good at the job. Enigma Cars USA was unlike its name, a European sports car company with a subdivision in the United States of America. This is where Patrick Dailey was began working and was particularly in charge of this increasingly popular sports cars by the name of the Healy Enigma. If you want to know more about this fascinating sports car brand, check out their website or

Keeping up with his list of the box professions Patrick Dailey has also worked with several churches in many different locations. What many of us are not aware of is that a church is sometimes quite similar to a business in the fact that they also have to maintain their operations according to a strategy. This is exactly where Patrick Dailey helped out with using his way with words to bring to fruition. “I have worked with many churches helping with their launch or relaunch, helping with their mission and vision, processes and strategic plans”, he explains.

At this point having worked in a variety of fields Patrick Dailey found himself able to understand what direction he wanted his life to go in. Moreover, his hands-on experience gives him the knowledge to apply himself in his true passion as an author. At present, Patrick Dailey is near about done with his second book and will soon be published. To know more about it check it out on As for his first book, there’s nothing much to be said then that it was definitely enough of a big deal for Patrick Dailey to warrant writing another. You can take a look at it online at The fact that Patrick Dailey started out his career with a book that fits is truly amazing as not many have the wisdom necessary to advise others and be reflective of their own pros and cons at such a young age.

Although his age has always worked in his favour Patrick Dailey finds it to be a reason for doubt as well. “I sometimes think that despite my experiences, people will think I am not worthy or that I have enough experience. It is a strange challenge, but it is real”, he explains. Yet at the end of the day, Patrick Dailey isn’t one to beat himself up for nothing and is always counting his blessings for all the opportunities life has given him. After all, in this world nothing and nobody is perfect. It is all about making the best use of what you have been given and providing your utmost every day.

In the future Patrick Dailey wants to be someone considered helpful and who can make a difference in others’ lives by allowing them to realise their ambitions. This is truly a noble intention, but being a man who has seen so much and experienced even more you would expect Patrick Dailey to be someone unable to maintain a work-life balance, and you would be right. While he is still someone putting in his max while youth allows him to, Patrick Dailey hopes to one day achieve a true work-life balance and be present in the time he spends with his wife and five kids.

Whether you are looking for some amazing writing all need some advice Patrick Dailey can do it all for you. So, what are waiting for? Get in touch with him today.


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