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Parvathy.S is a Creative and Technical writer passionate in bringing quality content to online platforms. She is a B.Tech graduate from the small town of Pandalam in Pathanamthitta, Kerala. 

She started writing when she was 8 years old. She was introduced to her first Famous Five books. Writing mostly stemmed from the fact that there weren’t any books that had the kind of stories that she wanted to read. She wrote different endings to the stories she didn’t like very much and she also wrote extra snippets to the stories that already existed in the Enid Blyton novels of mystery; just so that her favorite stories wouldn’t end so fast. Her interest in books grew from Enid Blyton to Cassandra Clare to Stephen Hawking and it still continues to vary and grow. 

Her passion for writing grew along with her, to the point where she started sending articles and letters to children’s magazines, and even got a prize in return from one of the magazines. As soon as she joined college, she became a member of the Literary Club there. Soon enough she became the head of the Literary Club in college, and also participated in organizing events related to the club. During the term, she along with her supportive team, actively managed to publish the current year’s club magazine containing all the articles from the club members, faculty in college, and also other students who were interested in writing

Apart from the club activities, four of Parvathy’s articles have been published in the main college magazine. She recently got another one of her short stories published in an anthology Moonglade, run by Wordfox publishers. The book has been released on Amazon and it was one of the proudest moments of her life. She started a WordPress blog during the pandemic where she posts her creative writing pieces. She has been enjoying managing her blog and having a place to store what she does. She is also an active volunteer in the Blog Writing team of the LGBTQ+ Organization India.

Excluding novels, Parvathy is also a huge comic books nerd and has written several fan-fiction regarding the characters she adores. She has an interest in drawing/sketching and she has lately taken up digital drawing in hopes of improving enough to one day create web-comics of her own. Unicorn magazine has been a breath of fresh air, by giving her a platform to represent her stories. Having engaged in writing since she was a little kid, one of her big aims is to grow enough in terms of experience one day, so that she can publish her own book.

You can follow Parvathy’s writing through her blog :


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