Palvi Virmani – An Inspiration to Millions

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Success needs passion and commitment. Palvi Virmani has proved these lines right in the real world. In today’s time, everyone is busy in life that they forget to follow their passion. Our dreams get lost somewhere in our routine work schedule.

Palvi Virmani did not let this happen which is why she has achieved unprecedented growth and success in life both as an entrepreneur and singer.

Palvi Virmani – An Entrepreneur And  Singer

The journey of Palvi Virmani into the music world is no less than a success story. Palvi owns a furniture business in Karnal ,Haryana. Being a renowned and established name in the interior designing industry, Palvi Virmani did not give up on her childhood dream of becoming a singer. Because of her commitment and dedication, and the ability to strike the perfect balance between her business and passion, she has achieved so much success in her entrepreneurial journey and the music world.

Palvi took her training in classical music  and there has been no looking back since then. A big reason why Palvi has taken the music world by storm is due to her sheer devotion towards music. Of course, she had the talent to back it up.

It is also thrilling to know Palvi not only sings but also writes and composes the songs.She has a great taste of lyrics and music.

Palvi’s mastery over different music genres

Even though Palvi received her training in Indian Classical Music, she has mastered different genres of music as well

  • Sufi
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Folk
  • Devotional
  • Contemporary

Palvi’s first song ‘Tere Naal Pyar’ became a success story in the music industry

‘Tere Naal Pyaar’, by Palvi Virmani in her melodious voice went viral and became a hit in just few days. The song is full of emotions, and the dulcet voice of Palvi is a delight for the ears. It gives a soothing and calming feeling to the listeners. Her song ‘Tere Naal Pyaar’ was loved by millions of fans in the country. It has crossed 1 million views on YouTube and 62,500+ reel views on Instagram.

Palvi’s social media presence

Palvi Virmani is active on all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.She is appreciated by her followers.

Bulleya – A Song Dedicated To The Martyrs Of India

Palvi Virmani’s new music single to be released  on 23rd January 2022 in memories of the Martyrs of India. The teaser of the music video is already out on YouTube . Just like her previous song, this single is also going to be delightful and something that her fans are eagerly waiting for. Of course, this song will be even more special since it is being released just a couple of days prior to Republic Day and is dedicated to the martyrs of the motherland.

The countdown to Palvi Vimani’s next song ‘Bulleya’ has already started and is just a few days away. 

To listen to songs of Palvi Vimani, you can subscribe to Platear Studios on YouTube.


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