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Pakistani Musician Ovais Singstar: Balancing Day Job and Musical Passion

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Mirza Owais Alam, better known by his stage name Ovais Singstar, is a rising star in the Pakistani music scene. Born on October 21, 1993, in Karachi, Ovais’s passion for music began in his school days. He wasn’t just drawn to music, but also to visual arts, and even works as a graphic designer alongside his musical pursuits.

Ovais’s musical journey started during his school years. He found like-minded individuals and formed a band called “SR Production,” a name that reflects his desire to connect art with the human soul. This early experience gave him a taste of performing and fueled his desire to continue creating music.

His talents were recognized early on. Ovais won a school music competition, “The Voice,” and later went on to achieve gold medals in college competitions. These successes boosted his confidence and motivated him to keep honing his craft.

More than just a singer, Ovais is also a songwriter and composer. He isn’t afraid to experiment, creating both original music and covers of popular songs. You can find Ovais’s music on YouTube where he has a channel with over 350 subscribers and nearly 100 videos.

Ovais’s social media presence extends to Facebook and Instagram as well. Here, he connects with fans and industry professionals alike, building a network of support for his musical endeavors.

While Ovais balances the demands of his day job as a graphic designer, his passion for music remains strong. His dedication and talent are sure to see him continue to rise in the Pakistani music scene.


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