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Ovais Singstar Releases Soulful Ballad “Dil Roya Re”

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Pakistani musician Ovais Singstar dropped his latest single, “Dil Roya Re” (The Heart Cries), on May 24th, 2024. This soulful ballad promises to capture hearts with its moving lyrics and Ovais’s signature vocals.

Details behind the song’s inspiration remain unknown, but the title hints at themes of love, longing, or heartbreak. Early reactions praise the song’s emotional depth and Ovais’s vulnerability.

This release marks a new chapter for Ovais, who’s built a following with his original music and covers. “Dil Roya Re” showcases his songwriting and composition skills, potentially shifting his focus towards original works.

Where to Find It

Streaming platforms haven’t confirmed “Dil Roya Re’s” availability yet, but expect it on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. A music video might follow in the coming weeks.

Ovais Singstar in Studio

Follow Ovais Singstar

Stay connected with Ovais on social media . These platforms offer insights into his creative process, upcoming projects, and maybe even a peek at “Dil Roya Re’s” making-of.

“Dil Roya Re” positions Ovais Singstar for a strong foothold in the Pakistani music scene. His songwriting talent and soulful voice will surely resonate with listeners, leaving them excited for his next musical offering.


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