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Success Story states the reflection of the role model in your life. Mom is her role model, who always stood strong,
believed in her strength and dreams, also guided her periodically. Alongside, She is blessed with a family where
Mom-in-law, Husband and Son are the dearest who always motivated her to go ahead and fulfill her dreams.
Nikita Ameer Ganatra is French Trainer, Speaker, Career Counselor, and Educationist by Profession. Being
a Multi-Awardee Persona, She is also a part of PAN India Educational Institute “Nava Vision” as Mumbai
Center Head.
Her French Workshops and Webinar have inspired many people to pursue foreign language.
Success Story implies her Qualifications, followed with Achievements and Vision of her Life.
Qualifications: French Language Expert, Trainer and Translator, International Career Coach Certified, Calligraphy
Expert, Curriculum Developer, Diploma in Import Export management, Licentiate from Indian Institute of
Achievements: Being an Educationist, She strongly believes “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can
take it away from you”.

  1. Forever Star India Awards – The Real Super Woman Award 2020
    (Educationist )
  2. Biztycoon – India’s Influential Woman
    Award 2020
    ( French Trainer, Speaker,
    Career Counselor,
    Educational Entrepreneur )
  3. Yashassavi National
    Awards –
    Yashassavi National
    Awards 2021
    ( Educational Enterpreneur )
  4. International Teacher’s
    Excellence Award –
    International Teacher’s
    Excellence Award 2020
    ( Most Inspiring Teacher of
    the Year India )
  5. Youtube – Speaker at National Level
    Webinar 2020
    ( Importance of Learning
    Foreign Language.)
  6. Gargi Mahila Foundation
    Awards – Gargi Mahila Foundation Awards 2021
    ( French Trainer, Speaker,
    Career Counselor,
    Educational Entrepreneur )

7.Remarkable Awards – Remarkable Awards 2021 ( French Trainer,
Educationist )

• Speaker at National Level Webinar on Importance of learning foreign language. Was Rewarded with
Appreciation letter from Bunt’s Sangha Arathi Shashikiran Shetty Junior College for successfully
conducting National Level Webinar as a Speaker.

• Speaker on Face book live on Importance of learning Foreign Language.

• International Career Coach Certified.


•Silver Medals at Mumbai Suburban Masters Athletic Association

• Bronze Medals at Masters Athletics of Maharashtra (Shot-put).

• Masters National Level Championship.

She believes: “If you do not enjoy a moment, you lose it forever.
If you enjoy it, it is yours forever”. So apart from academic progress

• 2018 and 2019 Best Dress and Player at Cultural Events.

◇ VISION: Being a Powerful and dynamic Personality according to her “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to
others”. Wish to be the best version of myself.
In coming years, Wish to be an Image Influencer, To Publish my French Grammar Book, Innovative Curriculum
Developer, Work for NGO related guiding people might be on basis of career counseling or teaching sector.

“Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get”.

The Rising Stars platform is proud to have Nikita Ameer Ganatra as Independent Indian Icon.


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