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Nihal Tureha Youngest Talent From Rampur

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Nihal Tureha & Millions of internet users have come to trust some digital marketing professionals to the point that they are now considered trustworthy administrators and influencers in the industry. Following the best digital marketing gurus and influencers might help you reach your goals.

29 Oct 2003 born, Nihal Tureha from Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. One of India’s top digital marketing experts has astonished the audience. Thousands of living creatures in and around Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, are helped by Radhey Charity, which was created by a digital marketer turned entrepreneur. As an online NGO, Nihal and his team at Radhey Charity try to reach out to people in different parts of India to assist them.

While seeing such efforts, we Reached to Nihal Tureha, To know about his work and the stuff they are doing around the internet. Nihal told us that, “I study in 12th standard and aged 17. While surfing on internet and social media, I have learned basic skills for being a Digital marketer.” “Currently I own many meme pages on Instagram and have founded an Online NGO Known as Radhey Charity.” 

While explaining about his Charity, Nihal told us that they provide Free food to Homeless people, Public Hospitals, and Street Animals. Their team believes in humanity and respecting every creature of God.

Being in the talks, we were aware of Disha Patani’s birthday scene, Many people have stepped up to help, even if it is in the smallest way imaginable, as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Admirers Like, Radhey Charity didn’t stop there; they also fed stray animals and planted plants. They also cut a cake with Disha’s name on it and gave food and drinks to orphan youngsters. The news was highlighted on different news platforms of India. 

“While scrolling the Instagram page of Rahdey Charity, we saw in highlights that, Disha did reply via commenting on the post and being thankful to them for such good surprise, which was a quite impressive way of celebrating and donating at the same time.

“The COVID-19 epidemic has undoubtedly altered the game, and we will see more firms embracing digital marketing techniques than ever before,” Nihal Tureha says.

On the other side, Nihal Tureha’s hard work in Digital marketing is going great and helping him to earn a good figure of amount. He discloses to us that he usually works for giving his clients Instagram targeted audience with performing different tacts and do campaigns, promotions from pages for many big brands and ott platforms around the world.

Currently, this youngster is Doing hard efforts in his Online NGO to reach more and more needful people and animals to support them with good food with various essential things.

While Nihal and his crew accomplished a great job, this article may inspire a large number of young people on the internet and in Nihal’s area. You must connect Radhey Charity Via Instagram at @radheycharitism.

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