Music Artist Mondoe2xx: A Real Inspiration To The Youth With Goals

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The power of music can heal an overwrought, depressed, lonely, and weary spirit. Music speaks in a multitude of ways with its increasingly captivating melodies. Armani Smith, whose stage name is Mondoe2xx, wants his music to soothe people who have navigated life’s darkest depths. As an artist today, he would like nothing more than to use his music to express the feelings of those unable to express themselves in words.

Mondoe2xx was born in Washington, DC. When he was 14, his family moved to Gaffney, South Carolina, where they settled. Despite his young age, the rising artist suffered a tragedy when his older brother was killed in a car accident. His life entered a dark period due to this event, but he found salvation in music four years later.

In spite of having the potential to thrive, Mondoe2xx shifted his focus to other activities. The 23-year-old joined the military. Sadly, he ended up leaving after two years. Before he could overcome other challenges another tragedy occurred. His mother passed away in 2019.

A year later, Mondoe2xx moved to Los Angeles and founded his own production company, Birdz Eye View Productions. But his zeal was yet to satisfied. Being resistant to his passion, he attended The New York Film Academy, where he studied filmmaking and producing.

Gradually, his life was getting on track and another disaster was already destined for him. A very close friend of his, Isaac Lattimore, died in a gunfight in 2021, which led me to pursue a career in music. He attended music school and studied business music and engineering. The artist Mondoe2xx has been recording his own music for over two years now.

In October 2021, Mondoe2xx released his first solo single “Why.” After the success of his first single, he released a second single entitled “Diamond in The Rough” on January 18, 2022.

The music of the artist is straightforward and unapologetically honest. His messages are unapologetically launched into the world without hesitation. He says: “All of my music is raw and real. Therefore, it gives hope to those who have been through a great deal of pain, and gives hope to those who feel as if they will never be able to move on from their current situation.”

The artist Mondoe2xx knows that his audience has encountered many hardships in their lives, including poverty and the death of loved ones. The purpose of his music is to motivate people to keep moving forward and to see life as more than just sorrow.

Along with a successful music career, Mondoe2xx pursued other endeavors. With the help of his long-time friend EMOEDAGREAT, he launched a podcast in December of 2021 called The Smokers Lab. As well to his podcast, he has also created his own clothing brand called Activated Clothing Brand. A screenwriter himself, he revealed he would release a short film series later this year called Ace under his production company.

Mondoe2xx envisions himself living in the Hollywood Hills and attending the Grammys within five years. He also hopes to grow his companies into multimillion-dollar companies. Aside from signing aspiring artists to his label, the entrepreneur also hopes to help others succeed.

So, if his music enchants you if his life struggle inspires you. No doubt you too are aspiring for your goals with great determination. Do follow him on his Social Handles and never miss the new launch.

Keep Hustling, Keep Striving! – The artist says.


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