Munir Vibes Writes Music That Weaves Together Music And Spirituality

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Music is the passion of some people, and Kenneth Johnson aka Munir Vibes is one of those individuals. The multi-hyphenate is a true artist who puts together beautiful songs that are also gentle on the ear.

In an effort to create a unique soundscape, the Philadelphia-born, songwriter implements his music to push through life’s most difficult moments and hopefully help some people through the way. Munir has written songs that have helped many family and friends to make improvements in their self-image to overcome personal obstacles and accomplish their goals.

His focus on sharing his experiences of life is what makes him stand out in the crowd, as he encourages his listeners to use the stories he shares to make better decisions than he did. Throughout his work, he strives to present the surface topic from vast perspectives and express deeper meanings. As a result, anyone listening to his creations will feel heard, since his pieces are vulnerable, authentic, and honest.

In spite of his troubled past, Munir became a remarkable musician. While living in Jamaica with his family, he became deeply engrossed in culture and music and had an intense desire to become an entertainer.

Munir learned to harness the power of his mind and use it to live the life of his dreams as an ordained minister and certified Ho’oponopono practitioner. As a result of his passion for songwriting, and his interest in mental health, he launched a YouTube channel dedicated to meditation and mental health. In addition, he also offers life coaching sessions. The musician founded Vibes Up Entertainment in order to help artists realize their true potential while becoming personally fulfilled.

Despite having a long list of goals that may not seem important to others, he ended up being off probation and his record was expunged. His life completely changed for the better because he adopted the right mindset. Furthermore, he helped family members and friends switch their perspectives from credit and finance to achieve intangible feats as well.
In the process of accumulating a wealth of experiences, he developed self-awareness, which led to a rejuvenation of his energy. With his music career, he aspires to increase self-esteem by incorporating positive psychology and by telling stories to raise emotional awareness. He is not only a talented musician but Munir Vibes is also a successful entrepreneur. Along with being the President of Vibes Up Entertainment, he is also a founder of a network of individuals who are committed to spiritual and financial growth.

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