Mohammed Alsaadi Shares Actionable Advice For Aspiring Film Producers

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With so many movies and series being released every day, the entertainment industry is growing and evolving fast. As a film producer, you have to be well conversant with the industry’s new trends and terms. 

According to Omani film producer Mohamed Alsaadi, one should choose films that will appeal to a greater audience as a first-time producer. Understanding the film you will be producing, from the plot to the characters, will help you understand how it performs in the industry. Alsaadi, one of the first Arab producers to enter the Hollywood film industry and put Arab platforms on the map, shares his advice to aspiring film producers all over the world.

As a film producer, you should learn and understand the global cinema industry—research on films with the highest revenues, says Mohamed. Watch as many films as you can, analyze the quality of different films, the storyline, the heroes and heroines in the films, And sample out films from different genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, crime, and documentaries others. Please do thorough research on the film’s authors and directors, as this will give you a clear perspective of what it takes to be a film producer.

Come up with reasonable budgets. As a film producer, don’t be so extreme when making the budgets. Try to be minimal while at the same time ensuring you do not compromise the quality of the film. A good budget is one in which there is a guaranteed return of the money used during production after the film’s success.

Understanding the basics of the story. Read and understand the script because it will help you in understanding the characters portrayed. Once you understand the basics, you will relate and identify the best casts even during film casting easily, adds Mohamed. Casting actors that are not so much worldly will cut down on the budget.

The world has embraced the artistic culture, with so many theatre halls packed to capacity during weekends, different occasions, and holidays; the film is something that is here to stay. Many up-and-coming actors with exemplary talent; as film producers, the ball is on your side to showcase the talents and give them a platform to shine on. Believe in yourself, make sacrifices, and put on all the hard work. Success does not come easy, and for you to earn a spot in the industry, you have to be passionate about films, produce quality work, and be dedicated.

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