Mohammadreza Ghoreishi – A Rising Iranian Singer, musical artist, musician and music producer

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Mohammadreza Ghoreishi , a professional singer, composer and music producer in Iran, was born on ( April 15, 1994 ) in Bandar Abbas, Iran.Mohammadreza Ghoreishi showed his talent in music very early in his childhood and was selected as the winner of Fajr Festival in children’s music.

After that, he started composing little by little and at the age of 12 he made his first official compositionAnd then he started singing and his beautiful voice and song soon became popular and found a lot of fansMohammadreza Ghoreishi created a new style in composing and playing with a combination of classical technique and Iranian music.

He is the new inspiration of the young millennia. Born into a middle-class family, Mohammadreza worked hard to successfully manage his art.

Mohammadreza Ghoreishi Spring Acoustic 2022 album has gained a lot of fans and many young people like to imitate him and be trained to do great things at a young age.Describing his successful experiences, Mohammadreza says: “There is no specific plan or guidebook that you can taste unimaginable success when you launch your brand and work endlessly.”Mohammadreza Ghoreishi said about his professional life: “I am passionate about my work and everything I do, because I love what I do and I have a constant source of motivation that leads me to do the best work. “There is no end point to always challenging myself,

which takes me one step further and also helps me gain more knowledge and acquire new skills.”He tells us that the best part of his job is the feedback he gets from his fans. He likes to make them happy and that is what is important to him.To know more, follow him on Instagram @mreza.ghoreishi


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