Minister Yahdan Yada’s Vision for Peace and Healing Leads Him to Ecuador

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Seen from space, our Earth looks deceptively at peace. Clouds float across great swathes of Africa, the Pyramids of Giza continue their stately existence, and the Grand Canyon marks the passage of time. Get closer, though, and you will start to hear the evidence of humanity, including guns firing, politicians arguing, and ambulance sirens blaring. The discord can seem endless, leaving you wondering if there is any way to solve it. Minister of health Yahdan Yada, the Founder and CEO of The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation and Yadalo Group SA, believes that he has found the answer: self-love and the healing power of nature. He believes so much in both that he has purchased land in Ecuador and will be building a luxury health-and-wellness resort, where those who want to escape from stress and negativity can find refuge and detox their bodies. Minister Yada agreed to talk to us about his plans for the resort and his two companies, including why he has dedicated his own life to helping others embrace self-love.

“The resort is the culmination of a dream I have had for a long time,” Minister Yada revealed, looking at pictures of the grounds. “After discovering how powerful it is to love yourself and to treat your body with respect, I saw my own life be transformed. I want more people to experience that same transformation so that they can have tranquility, too.”

While Minister Yada is highly successful today and is blessed with a loving wife, there was a time when everything seemed hopeless. “Because I grew up in an abusive home and was neglected, I had a very distorted view of myself,” he said. “When you are a child, you believe the messages you are told. I was essentially told that I was worthless, so I developed a lot of self-hatred.”

Tapping his finger on a photograph of the land for his resort, Minister Yada said, “Too many people were treated the same way in their childhoods. I want this resort to be a place they can come to and find inner peace.”

He continued his story. “As you can imagine, with such a distorted self-image, I had trouble as a young adult understanding my real potential. I underachieved professionally, and I ended up in very dysfunctional relationships.”

Setting aside the photos, Minister Yada stated that it was only inevitable that his health suffered as well. “Your body cannot be subjected to such intense stress and anxiety without negative consequences. Mine was no different. My liver ultimately began to shut down, and I was at the lowest part of my life.”

It was, ironically, the best place to be. “It forced me to make a choice: would I continue to believe the lies about myself, or would I choose to believe positive truths? I didn’t know where positivity would take me, but I decided to take a chance. I have never looked back.”

Minister Yada was initially surprised at how beneficial self-love was for his body. “It made sense, though,” he said thoughtfully. “Negative thoughts are basically assaults on your mind and spirit. How can you continue on like that? To thrive and not merely survive, I had to detox my mind.”

The more he loved and respected himself, the less room he had in his life for toxic people. “The quality of people in my social circle changed completely, and I met my marvelous wife,” Minister Yada said. “I couldn’t have done that if I hadn’t changed my view of myself.”

It is why when the resort in Ecuador opens, it will offer classes in meditation and other activities designed to detox the mind. “How you see yourself is incredibly important,” he believed.

The resort will also offer a menu that incorporates veganism and herbs. “After I turned to positivity, I concentrated on what I was putting in my body,” Minister Yada explained. “As I chose foods that were healthier and free of preservatives, I noticed that I felt more energetic both physically and mentally. The resort’s menu will be carefully chosen so that our guests can have the same benefits that I have experienced.”

He said that the resort will stock many of the herbal remedies and products that he offers through The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation. “What I have found in my international travels is that our incredible planet is full of herbs and plants that improve our health. I founded The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation so that more people could benefit from them just like I do. I plan to have them at the resort so guests can detox as they relax in the beauty of Ecuador.”

Minister Yada’s journey to bring peace and healing to those who need it spans two continents. He is already at work in Senegal, where 75% of families suffer from chronic poverty. “Generational poverty is a curse, and I am using my company, Yadalo Group SA, to break it,” said Minister Yada. “The average monthly wage in Senegal is between 100-200 francs. People cannot build for the future on just 200 francs, so I pay each of my 5,000 employees 100 francs every week.”

Minister Yada plans to expand Yadalo Group SA to multiple countries in Africa and eventually employ thousands of employees and utilize a fleet of hundreds of trucks, which may even become self-automated. “I aim to improve the economy one job at a time,” he said. “More people will be lifted out of poverty. Imagine what they will be able to do then!”

In the meantime, Minister Yada continues to develop his resort and The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation. “Our world is full of so much conflict and hurting people,” he said. “I want to offer them a different path, one that leads away from toxicity and to self-love, where absolutely anything is possible, including a peaceful life, no matter what you have experienced.”


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