Mike Braxton & Get Money Filmz presents “Unfinished Business”

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 The new web series chronicles the illegal activities of a corrupt Philadelphia police drug unit, thrilling audiences with nerve-racking scenes filled with sex, murder, and bags of dead presidents.

 Get Money Filmz is delighted to announce the release of a new web series titled Unfinished Business. The Philadelphia-based independent film production label announced today, also adding that the new release features an elite selection of Philadelphia’s hottest new talent.

 Unfinished Business is an American crime drama web series set in Philadelphia. The project was created and co-produced by Michael Braxton and Get Money Filmz, who say they are thrilled and excited to share months of hard work and dedication with viewers finally.

With police corruption as its central theme, Unfinished Business takes viewers on a journey highlighting how brutal abuse can get when authorities perpetuate it. The producers say they hope the show will educate the public on the plight of some communities in America, who are caught between a rock and a hard place; having to deal with deadly drug gangs and an unsupportive police force that takes advantage of the situation to extort the block, rather than step in to apprehend the criminals.

The plot chronicles the illegal activities of a corrupt Philadelphia police drug unit as they make rubbish of their pledge to serve and protect. The ragtag team of corrupt detectives exploits a community under the control of drug dealers, intimidating and blackmailing whoever they can to make a big score. It features sex, narcotics, bribes, drug money, murder, and other forms of extreme violence that characterize drug dealing and turf warfare.

Unfinished Business currently airs via Xfinity (Comcast ch 66/966/967) and Verizon (ch 29/30) in the Philadelphia television market area. And viewers can also catch the show via Fire-Tv and Roku.

Fox interviewer  Mr. Braxton Tell us about the mini-series

Mike Braxton   –   It’s one of the hottest web series around. Simple put.

Fox Interviewer      How did you come into this career?

Mike Braxton– I started filming music videos, and from there, I had the desire to work on web series and make movies one day.

Fox Interviewer: Describe the different communication skills you use with both individuals and groups, such as cast and crew.

Mike Braxton-   The verbal communication is different with the cast and crew. I try to express the camera angles with the cast members and look when filming. I will, at times, tell them to move a certain way because I know how it will come off when the shot is done correctly.

Fox Interviewer  – Do filmmakers have any responsibility to culture?

Mike Braxton-    Yes, we have that responsibility to the culture to a certain degree. We should be able to show a balance in our storytelling. We are the gatekeepers with the vision.

Fox Interviewer   –  Why did you make this mini-series?

Mike Braxton-   I wanted to educate the public on the plight of the communities in America, With the lousy side of police corruption.

Fox Interviewer  –  What do you like doing in your spare time?

Mike Braxton-   I love to read books and anything that can feed my brain with knowledge about the world. I’m a bookworm.

Fox Interviewer   –Who is your celebrity crush?

Mike Braxton-   My female crush would be Sanaa Lathan.

Fox Interviewer   Would you date a fan?

Mike Braxton-  No, I would not.

Fox Interviewer –   Where do you see the company in five years?

Mike Braxton-  Filming sci-fi, romance, comedy, and horror movies.

Fox Interviewer – What’s your favorite movie/TV show? Who’s your favorite director?

Mike Braxton-       Scarface

Fox Interviewer-      Does race or gender make any impact on your work?

Mike Braxton-        Not at all.

 Fox Interviewer-     Do you find the process of working with other collaborators difficult or essential (or both)?

Mike Braxton-      It’s essential – I couldn’t make a film without a lot of help. You will always need to help along with people seeing your vision.

Fox Interviewer –   Mr. Braxton, Thank you for your time for this interview. How can we find you on social media?

Mike Braxton-

Instagram: getmoneyfilmzllc

Instagram: getmoneyfilmz215

Instagram: streetsounds videoshow

Instagram: unfinished_business_webseries


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