Meet Winstina Taylor: An multi-faceted professional spreading her magic in the entertainment industry.

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Honing many hats on her head, Winstina Taylor excels in the key roles of an actor, producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and humanitarian.

Hailing from Sierra Leone, Winstina Taylor is an American actor, producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and humanitarian who has mesmerized audiences with her core talent and abilities. Being the Jack of all Trades, Winstina Taylor has successfully set her standards high within the industry and her example has been one special inspiring story for many aspiring youngsters who wish to make it big in the entertainment industry. She is also the CEO of the Prime International Production (PIP) register, operating both in America and Sierra Leone. Being inclined toward the artistic and creative field, Winstina knew that the entertainment industry would be the right platform and base to showcase her talent in front of the world. Hustling hard and developing her overall skill and expertise, Winstina has swiftly become one of the most seek and sought-after professionals in the American industry.

After attending Seaton Elementary in Washington DC where she was part of the drama club, Winstina received many awards and accolades when she was at Shaw Junior High school and was accepted into Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC but went to Duval high school in Maryland where she was part of the multicultural drama club team, Step team, soccer, softball and went on to Prince George community College to earn her Registered Nurse degree and earned her master’s degree in Nursing Education at Walden University. Currently, Winstina is pursuing her Doctor of Nursing degree (DNP).

Winstina’s recent movie named QUENCH has been in news garnering much love and recognition from the wide masses. QUENCH is a Sierra Leone drama film produced by Winstina Taylor and directed by Adeyemi Lardner which stars Queennak, Winstina Taylor, and Adeyemi Larder. The movie was premiered in Freetown Sierra Leone 2021 and many international actors, Actresses, models, and other talents in the country graced the event. The film will be officially released in late 2022 – 2023 worldwide.
We Hope Winstina Taylor continues to rise high in the entertainment industry and set higher benchmarks for million of others to follow and pursue.

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