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Meet Quis Esko, the new rap star on the block.

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He sure serves as a great example of a youngster who grew up in negativities and paved his own path to success.

Isn’t it amazing to know and learn about all those people who wish to put in every possible effort to grow and become a success story? The world is filled with many such talented beings, but only a few rare gems go ahead in turning these visions into reality. It has become necessary for people to learn more about them to know their genius and how even amidst trying times, they made their way up to success. The music industry has so far given birth to innumerable such people, among which we noticed how a certain youngster kept walking his path and kept excelling as a rapper; he is Quis Esko.

Wondering who really is Quis Esko? Well, this young man who hails from Florence, South Carolina, was born in 1993 and raised in Lake City as part of a big family. Originally Mariquis Breshawn Jager, he adopted his stage name Quis Esko and now looks unstoppable in the field of music as a one-of-a-kind rap star. He confesses how from a very young age, he felt he was made to do something bigger and better in life and had true qualities of being a musical talent and rapper. Talking about his journey in rapping, he says everything began for him at the naïve age of 12 and self-describes himself as a mix between Eazy E, Dr. Dre, and Gucci Mane.

But the kind of momentum and the level of success that he has attained today in the industry did not come easy to him. He was surrounded by many negativities growing up between gangsters, thugs, pimps, drug dealers, and even murderers. However, the quality of putting across his experiences and his thoughts into his rap pieces helped him stand apart from others. His past experiences fuelled his passion for rapping, and that’s how he kept growing in the industry.

There is more to what we know about Quis Esko. Apart from being a growing rapper, he has excelled in sports as well. He can play any sport, including basketball, football, and baseball, and has honed his skills right from the age of five. Quis Esko has made sure to always stand unique and create a special place for himself as a rapper in the hearts of the audiences.


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