Meet Pace Morby: Real Estate Investment Genius

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Pace Morby has a passion for building a business through creative means of finance, rather than the traditional 9 to 5 job. He has helped thousands of people nationwide take action building their own legacies and ignite the future business owner inside them. Over time, he’s built 14 streams of income in real estate, lending, and insurance industries, and hundreds of employees worldwide. Success, to him, is waking up every day, excited for what lies ahead, and the confidence that his children will never have to worry about money. His goal is financial freedom: to have the ability to spend all his cash every month, and know even if he doesn’t work, knowing his well will stay full.

For Pace, being a business owner is part of who he is. His lightbulb moment came as a young man painting garage floors. He realized, “They’re in here and out in an hour and a half – I saw what they were charging, they work by themselves not underneath anybody… They bought the paint from Sherwin Williams.” It was so simple. He began by practicing on his parents’ garage floor to work out his mistakes. When he was ready, he started his own company epoxying garage floors, charging half of his competitors’ fees. While doing business in the construction industry, he experienced his biggest obstacle when he lost $1 million of his personal finances in one day. This devastating event ended up being his turning point as he transitioned to real estate. He remembers his dad telling him at a young age that they weren’t making anymore land, so he should buy as much as he can. However, his dad never bought land, and is still working, when he should be enjoying retirement. Between his father’s advice, and the trauma of losing so much money, Pace saw the opportunity in real estate and went for it.

Pace’s achievements have not come without its own set of challenges. His biggest challenge was himself. He started out thinking he had all the answers, cash and experience he needed. He had to learn to grow. He had to learn to not be gripped by fear, by false evidence appearing real. When fears manifest, Pace says it’s necessary to address them and calm himself accordingly. He’s learned that mindset determines success before you even get started. Even some of the dumbest people in his life are more successful than the smartest people he’s met due to mindset. A defeatist attitude sets you up for failure, while with a positive outlook you will succeed. Contributing to his success, Pace has adopted a “Power Rangers” mindset. He doesn’t view others as competition, but others in the same industry he can collaborate with to form one Ultra Power Ranger. To help others, he offers free assignment and wholesale contracts as well as cold calling scripts on his personal website, Pace Morby.

If anyone is interested in starting a new business, Pace has simple, yet effective advice: find a community or mentor doing what you want to do and immerse yourself. That’s it. You will gain more from the experiences of others than you will from doing internet research or trying to reinvent the wheel. In fact, he created Subto as a real estate education program and community to help people in the beginning stages of creative financing.

Pace’s next projects include building a media company and TV show, RV parks, and multifamily developments. You can follow him on Instagram @pacemorby.

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