Meet Nikhil Raj: One of the top-selling authors.

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Nikhil Raj is the author of best-sellers – “All I Ever Want Is You” and “Nostalgic”. Besides writing books, Nikhil is also a filmmaker and has made award-winning short films like “The Smiling Rickshawala” and “Be Your Best Friend”. He also enjoys his job as a part of the Digital Team for Dainik Bhaskar’s MY FM radio. 

 “All I Ever Want Is You” ranks in the Top 5 in Amazon’s Fantasy Romance Category. Meanwhile, his other book, “Nostalgic”, ranks Number 11 in Contemporary Romance Category (Free) on Amazon. 

Nikhil truly enjoys writing books in the Romance genre. His skills are embellished by his creativity and love for fiction. His imagination and admiration towards storytelling brings his books to life. The choice of words he uses and the use of poetic devices in his writings are truly mesmerizing. The way he structures his sentences and embeds them in his paragraphs can make you feel a sensation like a fresh breeze running through your veins.

His book, “All I Ever Want Is You”, is popularly known as a “35mm cinematic love story for all ages”. By reading this book, you can clearly say that Nikhil is a wonderful filmmaker too. You can feel it come to life like it does on a 35mm cinematic camera frame as you read the book. The romance the book carries can easily replace a Bollywood romantic hit love story. “All I Ever Want Is You” is the story of Raj and Alisha and their journey of finding love, which goes through many roadblocks and periods of separation and passion. The story personifies the journey of finding love within oneself as well as your lover.

His other book, “Nostalgic”, is a power-packed romantic thriller that deals with topics ranging from drama and betrayal to politics, crime and social issues. Nostalgic is the story of Ayaan and his journey to finding Shyira, his love and dream. “Nostalgic” has a unique blend of lots of twists and turns that come across in Ayaan’s journey that is sure to give you chills filled with excitement.

Both books perfectly amalgamate Nikhil’s storytelling skills with a touch of Bollywood style romance. Nikhil Raj is surely a fast-growing author on Amazon and is sure to top more charts on Amazon!



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