MC NIKHIL Making Big Moves to get his Debut Album ” MUKAAM” on the top

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MC NIKHIL is one of the beaming and extending young Hip-hop contriver today. Besides being a favored Video Annotator, he tried his hap in rapping and consonance.

His not to be admitted set of consonance videos and songs make him a known superficial part in his circles and fans. His expertise in singing different types of songs makes his popularness soaring in the recent past more than the view.

Born as Nikhil Parcha in Mumbai, Maharashtra, he is better known by his platform name MC NIKHIL. He got introduced to the consonance mode of exercise with the toss of his first soundtrack “MUKAAM”.

Since then it was no looking back for the Rapper as he kept on arrival with one and the other. Now he is trying to put in motion him self from INDIA to NEW YORK to come more than he’s sleeping vision

MC NIKHIL INSTAGRAM Notch : @mc_nikhill. MC NIKHIL got his breeding at St. Stanislaus high-reaching gymnasium in Mumbai Bandra , Maharashtra, India. Right now he he is 16 years old (as in 2021).

MC NIKHIL has released his combustion-combustion-brand new desi hip hop ep named ‘Bank Schedule .’ Ep Tracklist 1. Gandhi Wala Minute 2. Sadakchaap 3. Cash justle consonance video ‘Gandhi wala Note‘ is produced

Before days he uploaded an instagram chronicle regard his suffering that he wants to become Indian-American Rapper in the Hip-hop tillage. Nikhil Parcha is a rapper , hip-hop contriver and YouTuber. He started his course in 2016 with YouTube as a rapper when he was 10 years old .

He lives in Mumbai Bandra.He did his breeding in Stanislaus elevated establish bandra. The most supportive one who supports Nikhil is he’s House and Friends . Nikhil’s close up friends helped him to make rap songs , akash is also the manager of Mc Nikhil who horsemanship all the deals.

Nikhil Parcha belong to a tradespeople house. But, he always said tribe make his duration to come better with the lot of firm applying (to some race that one likes) habitual devotion to labor. Recognised as a ideally real budding revolve in the rap united material substance, MC NIKHIL (Nikhil Parcha) is draw near off of the most fruitful circuit of the year of his consonance course. Following the way out MC NIKHIL could also be an lofty asset and respiration in for our Indian for the use of all or juncture ownership as he also represents our shire on such an elevated parallel to the horizon and is production a worldwide stamping on the whole cosmos. If you’d wish to compress in-tuned with him you’ll by following his instagram notch @mc_nikhill We pronouncing or pronunciation with the rough respiration him accident for all his duration to come works and initiatives and he might also bear to go all that he dreamt!

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