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Mamunur Rashid Evan : Young Musician and Influencer in Bangladesh

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Mamunur Rashid Evan is a Bangladeshi Music & Vocal artist who has made a big name in Music world. Mamunur Rashid Evan is an influencer, artist, entrepreneur, blogger & National Debate Champion of Bangladesh Television for two times including 2017 & 2018. He was born on 18 October and brought up in Narsingdi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Since childhood, he had a keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different than many other individuals in the class.

He never hesitated in experimenting. At a very young age, he opened his company Evan’s Music Inc with a vision of becoming one of the greatest music artist and he also started Digital Marketing in the Digital Marketing Industry.

With his hard work, dedication, and passion, the company has reached its peak in a short span of time. As a social media influencer and marketing strategist, he promotes social messages, movies, brand videos on social media with his influencer network across Bangladesh.

Mamunur Rashid Evan says that one should never stop learning. He believes that the day you stop learning, that day you’ll stop earning.

He also firmly believes that one should never feel contented with his work as it kills the hunger to achieve more. As an influencer and artist, Mamunur Rashid Evan has inspired many individuals and young people who are fighting to make a mark in this field. He writes blogs and posts helpful tips.

Mamunur Rashid Evan has so many Verified Artist Page on Various music Streaming Site. Some of these Spotify, Amazon, Dezzer, YouTube OAC & he’s also verified on Google Knowledge Panel.


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