Let’s know about this new initiative named SAFAI started by Vikaas Naagru.

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Mission : Stress and anxiety free all India

I know almost every one of us is struggling with stress and wants to minimize it. 

What I can’t understand is why do we have to live with stress? 

Why on earth do we have to face a disease like stress? The human life is meant to live to the fullest and not struggle with any kind of stress. 

In India, the harsh reality is that, as per the new data, approximately 32 students are committing suicide every day, which means 11,680 in a year, and the numbers are only increasing with every passing year. 

In-depth – about 72% of students in a school class are only average students, which means they are not good in their academics, although they are not as bad in sports, music, or in any other extracurricular 


The actual problem with these students is that they are not able to focus for a long time and hence lose interest in their studies. They are mostly unable to prepare and write their exams and never able to unleash their true potential. 

These students also lack the confidence to do things properly, and then day by day, they are turning into below-average students. 

This is now a common problem, and these students are looking for solution/s but not getting a real & practical way out. 

Let’s understand this by an example – any person who would be going to a doctor and sharing his symptoms like having a headache, shivering, dizziness, etc. now only a good doctor will understand the root cause and give him medication as per his illness, likewise, when students are sharing their problems with respective teacher or parents about having trouble with their studies and not getting enough interest in books or unable to write properly and have difficulty in even recalling what was learned or read some time ago. Now it is for the teacher and parents to understand these symptoms and give a practical solution to them. However, the harsh reality is, neither every teacher nor all the parents would have adequate knowledge about these challenges that students face and how to overcome them in real-time without any further delays so that students can excel in their studies before they completely lose interest in their academics. 

Keeping the above in mind – Vikaas Naagru started a mission: Stress Anxiety free all INDIA (SAFAI), in his unique workshop ‘Tune Your Brain,’ which focuses on challenges that students might have and provides them with a real-time solution for their pain points.

Naagru has trained more than 18,000 students across several schools and various institutes on having stress-free education. He has initiated a start-up called Brain Infinity with the vision of “Creating a better life for students by providing key specific solutions in real-time.”  

He has started a Train The Trainer Program with 185 individuals who are successfully trained and have now become a mentor to spread the mission. His organization, Brain Infinity, is working across 20 states in India and 4 countries across the world.

Vikas Naagru has been featured in popular news dailies such as Dainik Bhaskar and Rajasthan Patrika, twice in Big FM 92.7, Zee news Rajasthan, Avaaz India, and many other media channels for his continuous efforts in improving the lives of people and students.

In Dec-2021, he has started this start-up, and they are coming up with a digital application called Brain Infinity – This application will help students for Stress-Free Education, individuals to Set Up Their Goals, and Master Their Sub Conscious minds. Behaviour Counselling, Know Yourself through Brain Mapping Test. In 2022 his mission is to partner with as many educational institutes & corporates and spread this new and unique concept called “Mental Health Partner.” 

Join hand in this Mission and Make India Stress Free.

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