Let’s know about astrologer Garima Agarwal and her achievements.

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Life is unpredictable, with both ups and downs. Not always do things go our way. Then how do we embrace ourselves for the future? I would say by consulting Garima Agarwal. Her valuable insights have helped more than 200 people to change their lives and overcome obstacles. One thing she truly believes in is that each one of us is capable of connecting with the supreme power.

Astrologer Garima Agarwal was born in Kolkata, West Bengal on Ram Navmi in the month of September at 12:00 am. She is a karmic Astrological healer, Vedic Astrologer, Vastu, Numerology and Energy Expertise. A few years back, Garimaji encountered a life-altering experience, a state of spiritual awakening, usually attained by Souls after years of reincarnations and ‘Siddhis’. This experience elevated her to a level where she was able to obtain the answers of spirituality, for she was bestowed with knowledge of Karmic Astrology, Intuition, Healing and Energy fields by the almighty himself. This spiritual awakening is proof of her being ‘the chosen one’ in itself. Although she wasn’t always an astrologer, her journey interestingly began with being a clothing brand owner. Her clientele spectrum branched out to many countries such as the USA, Dubai, Africa and India. This exceptional woman started her own clothing brand in the year 2007. However, in the year 2014, on the spiritual day of mahashivratri, her career path shifted to what she is doing currently. She derived a soul calling to help people heal and cure of the numerous complications of life. Her desire to perform astrology and to aid people grew subsequently after her life awakening incident. Her breakthrough from owning a clothing brand to becoming an astrologer changed her in the best way possible and made her into who she is.

Since then, her journey started as a Karmic guide, spreading the ideology of divine forces to cure people suffering from Survival issues, Incurable diseases and profound emotional upheavals. She has been providing various services like detailed varshphal reading, detailed birth chart reading, prashna chart reading, Vastu consultancy, birth time rectification etc.

To add on, her mystical skills helped save more than Two hundred people’s lives during the harsh pandemic times. Not only this, her curing cancer patients is a miracle worth knowing in itself. Her countless testimonials speak for themselves as she continues to transform the lives of many using her knowledge. Her divine abilities make people believe in the need to necessitate karmic guidance. She makes it easy to believe that anyone can connect with the almighty with proper faith, knowledge and devotion. She has been inspiring people for the last seven years and continues to do so.

From your purpose in life to the questions you ask yourself daily, each can be answered with the help of detailed chart readings and birth chart reading.

Guidance is what you need, and guidance is what she provides!

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