Let us know about VIBRATION VEERA – VISION 2025 

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The inspiring journey of Vibration Veera

With great Confidence and Passion in delivering things and with his inspiring speech and voice modulation, he can mesmerize people. His words will be a medicine to cure the disease in people’s minds and make them highly motivated with total energy to execute things in their life. 

In his life journey, he reached different stages like:

  • Faculty
  • Mentor
  • Principal
  • Trainer
  • Author
  • Facilitator

He has a great vision to reach more people and transform 1 lakh people by 2025.

Vibration Veera completed his B. Tech. Textile Technology from BAIT, followed by M. Tech ( Tex. Tech.) from PSG Tech and MBA ( Apparel Technology Management) from Periyar University, having more than a decade of teaching experience and three years as a Polytechnic College Principal. 

He had handled classes for B. Tech., B. Sc., M. Sc.& MBA students

He also completed MDTD ( Master Diploma in Training and Development) from IATD, Bangalore, in 2018. Since 2019 he has been conducting a Performance Oriented Training Program for Educational Institutions and various Apparel and Textile Industries in Tamilnadu. 

He has published two books ( SSS fr life – SET SHIFT SUCCESS in 2020 & TTT – Thirty Transformational Thoughts in 2021 )and conducted 6 Programs through Whats up and Transformed 300 plus people. ( in 2019 to 2021) 

The list of what’s up Training Programs are:

  • Self Confidence Building
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Personal Transformation Training
  • Training on Memory
  • Training on Thinking

He is a member of TAI ( Textile Association of India), MISTE ( Member of Indian Society for Technical Education) and has presented more than 100 papers in National and International conferences/ seminars.

Kind Request from Vibration Veera

Be Yourself

You have the skill to recognize and utilize it. 

Don’t bother about what other people think about you. What you think about yourself is essential. 

Follow Your Passion

Convert your Passion into a Profession to understand the Purpose of your life. 

Don’t imitate others, have your own style of executing things. 

Finally, being born in a Hindu family, he created everything in his own style, in a gentle and enjoyable manner. As a son, husband, the father, he has done his best for society.

That’s the reason his name reached in 19 countries through his speech, programs and products.

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