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Laxmipriya jena (PIYA)owning the IG HANDLE @tranquility_within_heartbeats has been pursuing as a student in history and sociology research WRITER/REVIEWER/MENTOR in numerous communities with an enthusiast in designing & baking at its peak with brushes and bake shells moulded in their perfections ! belonging to Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Being a student of 19 years, m the COMMUNITY FOUNDER OF @the_inkslingers_empire [TIE] , Winner of WRITER’S BRIGADE & Lafz-e-Kalam Title. Being a part of numerous publication houses, I m pursuing as a writer in FANATIXX + Event Organizer  &  Manager of KHULE AAM BOL |fanatiXx.I have been a co-author in 37+ books. I have chosen writing as a medium of SELF HEALING  _PEN OVER PAIN_; _PAPER OVER PEOPLE_; sounded my functionality of ultimatum since years. Currently am working as a core in numerous communities helping and merging all the learners to grow together adding lustre to social works..Atlast m a psycho healer to many hearts.

Right now am pursuing as a TIE community head along with many other communities in merging all the learners through reviewing and curating in this literary field to grow and gloom all together.

Winner of :

● phenomenal writer of the year 2020

● BTC Awards by OMG records of Book

● Achievers Award 2020

● Spectrum Inspiring IndianWomen Award

●Golden Globe Award 2021

● Best Reviewer of the year 2021

● Sparkling Diamond Awards 2021

● Opus Limelight Award

● Bhartiya Face Youth Award  2021

● My Achievement Award 2021

● Prime India Award 2021

● Standing Ovation Award 2021

My success doesn’t makes me proud or happy ,it’s my failures,downfalls,rejections that makes me count the steps i have been covering. Success gives us the fame but failure makes us humble.It’s my failures of learning phenomenon that delegates the journey more gracefully.

The Rising Stars platform is proud to have LAXMIPRIYA JENA (PIYA) as Independent Indian Icon.


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