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Keeping Up With The India’s Youngest Music Producer – Stanley Christ

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Meet Stanley Christ, India’s Youngest Music Producer, from Chika Haryana to Chandigarh, from a bashful 14 year old to having produced  20 songs now at 20. Stanley is a Singer, Song writer, Composer and Music Producer. If your genre is Sad -Romantic , and a blend of Hip-hop and Traditional Folk, he is your go to guy!

Stanley Christ has devoted all his life to music. This artist is passionate and drawn toward music like no other. He says he gets it from his father who was also equally passionate about music but, he had to let go of his dreams for inevitable reasons but, Stanley has made it his life’s mission to soar high into the sky and attain his father’s dream to become a great musician, that is also his now. Stanley has struggled in his life as well, in fact he believes that is what drove him toward music.

He was a troubled kid who had faced his fair share of hardships and was crestfallen when he noticed a basic laptop in his house and sharpened his skills with technology and discovered his hidden talent for music. Both of these united and somewhere inside him there was a music producer that held his life’s destiny. Over the years he sharpened his skills and has over a thousand+ listeners on spotify alone now and is ranking to turn over a new face in the music industry.

In his free time stanley likes to travel and has a taste for a foodie. He is secretly a wanderlust at heart, apart from work trips, his casual trips are where he also derives inspiration for his music from. Apart from being an explorer in the wild, he also likes to explore his taste in music. One can only describe him as experimentative, bold, and unique. He is a multi genre producer and has produced many different genres already and is always open to try more.

Stanley says, “Not every note falls in place, sometimes you will have to tussle and struggle for a bit, dabbling across different genres gives you that creative prowess and makes the process a lot more smoother”. After producing music for very many artists and in different genres of music he decided to take a swing at the mic himself.

He started putting out his own songs in 2018 and is still going strong. He has released single albums since then that has caused quite the hubbub. His Official Music Video “Feelinga” and “Tera Mera Viah” which released back in 2020 stirred quite a sensation his recent Song “Pachtaiyan” is also gaining traction and is a must listen songs for a Broken Heart! His other popular hits like Miss you Dad and Student Mekhma are beloved by his fans. He has reunited with Sabhi Rehill and they are brewing some tunes which are later to be revealed.

His words of wisdom for his young fans and onlookers is that it is never early to start. If you have got something to prove to the world you can start doing that at any age, with faith and hard work it will all pay off. There will be a lot of hurdles in the way but, who wants a success that didn’t have a jaw-drop worthy origin story? Never pull away a dream from the kid, who knows, they might just be the next Stanley Christ. While Stanley is hard at work producing some sweet tunes for us to vibe to, his latest release is here, ‘Wanga’ set to release on 21st Feb on Whitehill Music! The artist says this song is very close to his heart! He has sung and produced music in it. It is written by Tarsem Singh! You’re sure to love it.


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