Kavita Misra invited as the Guest of Honour by Cherry Book Awards

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Kavita belongs to a family that is traditional as well as broadminded. Ms Kavita is a student, teacher, writer, translator-proofreader and motivational speaker. She is student as she believes that Education is a lifelong process and learning never ends. Academically, she has been a convent student throughout, her places of learning being St Fidelis College, Christ Church College and I.T. College. She has completed her B.Ed from Navyug Degree College.As a teacher, she has taught in schools and from home for more than 15 yrs, been a proofreader for more than ten years and a translator for more than 7 years now.

As a writer, she has co-authored in more than 20 anthologies and written articles and poetry on personal experiences and socially relevant topics like gender-bias, single parent, parent-child relationship, depression and suicidal thoughts, organ donation etc. She is equally adept in writing poetry and prose both in Hindi and English. As a translator, she has translated several legal documents, literary pieces and writeups. She was a freelance proof-reader with a reputed publishing house in Lalbagh, Lucknow. As a motivational speaker, she has been to various open mic events and poetry contests as a guest/judge in order to address the budding writers and children. On a personal level, I have helped few friends and associates come out of depression, by being in touch with them and keeping them busy in constructive/creative activities.

She is blessed with the guidance and support of senior people from all walks of life, including theatre and movie artists, writers and poets of national and international fame and professors of English, journalists and reporters of leading dailies and magazines. She is always ready to help her fellow-beings to the best of her capacity, at the same time fulfilling her duties towards her family with utmost devotion.

Also received Sahitya Ratna award by Rubaru group, and Fireboxx Award for best coauthor 2020.

Here is the link to her interview as Guest of Honour at a special event by Cherry Book Awards –


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