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Kanye West goes on intense Instagram rant before deleting all posts

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There never seems to be a dull moment in the life of Kanye West, aka Ye. On Thursday, September 1, he made numerous posts on Instagram that raised eyebrows. The rapper had some particularly harsh words for some of his former in-laws. However, following his ex-wife’s pleas to stop, he removed (or archived) the posts on Friday, September 2.

In a series of Instagram posts, West vented about his kid’s education, Pete Davidson, and the various Kardashian-Jenners’ “c*m donors.” Before launching a series of brutal verbal attacks, West also confessed he had a pornography addiction. He blamed this for the collapse of his marriage to Kim Kardashian. He went on to call Hollywood a “giant brothel” and accused Instagram of promoting pornography. He vowed that he would not permit his daughters, North and Chicago, to get involved in adult entertainment. This was a direct shot at Kris Jenner, who supported his ex-wife and Kylie Jenner when they posed for Playboy.

After his confession, West put out a call to the clan’s former partners. He specifically referenced Scott Disick, Travis Scott (it’s rumored he and Kylie are “on again”), and Tristan Thompson, calling them his “fellow c*m donors.”

He had even harsher words for Pete Davidson, who dated Kim Kardashian from October 2021 until August 2022. West, who very publicly attacked Davidson for the duration of the relationship, couldn’t miss an opportunity to include him in Thursday’s tirade. With Davidson having to go to therapy due to triggers set off by this bullying, Kanye wrote in one of his posts, “Ask Pete how those tattoos of my kids doing in the trauma unit.”

Davidson became very close to Kardashian’s children during their time together and had their initials tattooed on his neck.

West also posted screenshots from his former wife to stop his ranting and those of Kris Jenner asking her daughter to stop the activity and for West to cease mentioning her name. West removed the inflammatory content the following day. However, based on his past behavior, it’s quite possible this won’t be the last time he makes personal matters (very) public.

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