John Singson Rises Above Wealth, Power, and Bloody Politics

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John Singson, a well-known real estate entrepreneur from Orange County, California, once again finds himself at the top of his industry. As the Founder and CEO of Singson Real Estate, John has spent years redefining real estate tactics as well as the sales process, making it more customer-centric and teaching his team how to be effective negotiators. The result has been success both personal and professional, with lavish entertainment, VIP lists, and first-class service the norm. He also comes from a very powerful family in the Philippines. Even so, John has always preferred a more low-key setting, believing that “the less the better.” To understand how John has come to lead California’s real estate industry, we talked with him about his life, his roots, and why power will never outrank compassion and empathy. 

John shares that his family comes from a long line of politicians, including the famed political boss and kingpin Governor Chavit Singson. “He’s my grandfather, and I look up to him not because of his fame but because of the millions of people he has helped over the decades,” he says. 

The public knows Governor Chavit Singson as the Gangster Governor, as he flashes his black panther, lions, tigers, private jets, yachts, armored vehicles, and a lot more.

Despite such a background, John remains humble and smiles a little as he shares that he has learned a lot from his grandfather. “He really shows the world the value of hard work and determination.”

Those values, combined with John’s business savvy, resulted in his motivation for entering the real estate market, which has been key to John’s success. He says that flipping houses and helping investors make money have made him who he is now.

John states, “I mean, besides California, where can you find stable investments where buying houses can become a business? In today’s market, literally after six months, your home gives you at least $50,000 in your pocket. I have had clients who made $100,000 a year just by buying a home. For example, when they bought a home for $800,000, the following year, you wouldn’t be surprised if it was worth $900,000 or more. What I usually tell them is to refinance and take out the equity. Let’s say it’s $100,000, for example. Get that money to work, buy another home, and rent it out as a rental. Just keep doing this until you have thousands of homes. That’s what I have been doing.”

John shares that with the homes he has owned that earned equity and went up in value, he has refinanced them and pulled out the cash to double it even more. “This is another way of acquiring wealth through real estate.”

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