Jeff Lerner on hitting rock bottom and climbing to success

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Life seldom plays out the way we expect it to, but that is not always a bad thing. Sometimes a career shift is precisely what we need to find success or happiness. Jeff Lerner is an individual whose journey in life took him to deep lows and great heights, and today he stands as one of the most successful teachers guiding and inspiring the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Jeff Lerner is an entrepreneur and speaker who has established himself in the industry since his venture into entrepreneurship. He is currently the owner of multiple online businesses, which earned him a place in the INC 5000 not once but twice. The success he gained opened more doors to venture into new things. By 2018, Lerner decided to put his experience to good use by establishing ENTRE Institute, an online program that trains people to establish their businesses through online platforms. There he has helped over a hundred thousand students develop their entrepreneurial skills and has earned the reputation of being one of the most inspirational voices online in business and personal development.

Achieving his success was no easy feat, and Lerner also came from humble beginnings. Initially, the successful entrepreneur and speaker started as a professional jazz musician. Specializing in the piano, Lerner was often hired to play in the homes of successful CEOs and business owners. It was then that he developed a curiosity that later turned into a genuine interest in entrepreneurship. By 2008, when he was 29 years old, Lerner had undergone multiple ventures, all of which had failed. His attempt to run a restaurant franchise left him with a half-million dollars in debt. The event would have overwhelmed anyone, but Jeff Lerner was determined to succeed. “I accepted the gift of rock bottom and worked like I had nothing left to lose because I didn’t,” Lerner shared. Eventually, he found his breakthrough online, and as Lerner continued to gain momentum, he was able to pay his debt in eighteen months.

Since then, Lerner has continued to expand his entrepreneurial ventures, building more online businesses that have seen the same amount of success as his foremost business. Throughout the years, Lerner developed the knowledge to help others follow in his footsteps. Jeff Lerner later co-founded ENTRE Institute, providing both young and established entrepreneurs with the blueprint to succeed. With the company, Lerner has impacted thousands of people. As a coach, he has been showing his students how to launch their own businesses, upgrade their lives in every possible way, and build an awesome life.

Jeff Lerner is currently acting as ENTRE’s CEO while running an active schedule, speaking at events and making media appearances. He also hosts the popular podcast “Millionaire Secrets.” Despite his busy schedule, Lerner often makes the time to work on his book, which will be titled Millionaire Secrets: Things Rich People Know But Don’t Tell You. Jeff Lerner hopes to not only impart his knowledge but also encourage others to follow their profession. “With modern technology and education, any dream has the possibility to become a successful career,” explained the award-winning entrepreneur. “Just remember to always stay dedicated, work hard, and strive for excellence.”

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