Jake McGrady went from College Radio to Podcast Standout

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Oregon State University graduate Jake McGrady (aka Mr. Portland) started his career in media as a college radio host at just 18 years. What started as the ‘2nd String Sports’ radio show many years ago has turned into one of Portland’s biggest podcasts to date; expanding out of the city and into the mainstream. 

Jake, Grant, and Geoff co-host what is now known as the ‘2nd String Show’ podcast — breaking into the world of sports, music, news, pop culture, and just about anything and everything that their audience loves to hear them debate about. 

With my @mr_portland accounts on social media, I’ve been able to gain a small bud dedicated following that I could have never dreamed of. It started out as all different types of Trail Blazers fans who naturally gravitated to the podcast and our Portland based content when we first started … but now that we’ve grown 2nd String as a brand and branched out with new content and new guests, our following has grown to young fans, old fans, new fans, to fans in different countries. It’s truly a blessing” – Jake McGrady

The 2nd String Show isn’t your typical sports podcast. The trio of hosts speaks what is on their minds without any reservations. Each episode is marked ‘explicit’ on all streaming platforms, and the last sentence of their bio reads “you’ve been warned.” 

The witty banter on the podcast and the trio’s undeniable chemistry has translated to some memorable guests being interviewed on their platform. The 2nd String Show has gone on to interview the likes of Portugal. The Man, iLoveMakonnen, Anfernee Simons, Meyers Leonard, Lamar Hurd, Jake Chamseddine and countless other athletes, coaches, media personalities and more.

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The show and their interviews are special in the sense that there isn’t a produced or planned feeling to their content. There isn’t prepared segments or soundbites or scripted moments. The hosts really just come off like they’re three best friends sitting down on a couch with some beers poking fun of each other and life in general… which is exactly what they’re aiming for. 

“Before every show, I’ll put out some questions on social media and gather up some responses to debate live while we record,” he said. “It’s still crazy to think, but we got listeners in states outside of Oregon now, and we got a decent amount in different countries, so it’s absolutely amazing to be able to get feedback from all types of individuals. That’s the best part about hosting a podcast to me.” – Jake McGrady

Jake McGrady and his co-hosts have continued to bring entertaining and original content to their loyal listeners for almost 5 years now since graduating college. As they have gotten older and progressed in their own personal lives along with the style of their content, 2nd String has the potential to branch out into mainstream media with more hard work and dedication. 

To some, a new episode of #2ndSS might just be the highlight of their week. You’d be surprised just how many people may end up listening if you’re passionate about what you’re saying and stick to it. 

To the 2nd String Show, the possibilities are endless. All they know is that whatever unapologetic content they do next, “you’ve been warned” in advance.


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