It’s never too late to chase your dreams says Prem Desai, an actor who first faced the arc lights at Indian Television

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Prem exemplifies that age is but just a number when it comes to realizing dreams. A few years ago he was a student based out of Rajasthan. Today he performs under stage stalwarts like Mohit Rana, Ravi Dubey and Mona Singh across the country. He talks to us about the reasons behind his decision to take up cinema in life at this young age, the journey so far and about having a life beyond traditional boundaries.

“Facing the stage lights was quite an experience, since the last I had acted was during my school days, after which I moved on to Indian television

Don’t we aspire doing this at least once in our life – to be the hero in a play? I was, finally in my first stage appearance at my school days

It was soon followed by another play, an adaptation of Rajasthani Folks. It was a very well done production of an established Rajasthani theatre, by an eminent Rajasthani theatre personality. It was an exhilarating experience as this production got a lot of critical acclaim from theatre critics and viewers. I was featured in numerous magazines and papers. I realized the beauty of this enigmatic art called acting. I was invited to participate in theatre festivals across the country.

My most cherished role remains being the lead in India’s most watched series Directed by Ajay Veermal named Savdhaan India.

Very soon Prem Desai is about to enter the glimmering world of Indian Film Industry, when asked he open up about his steps towards Bollywood

“The film industry is already changing – With the advent of OTT platforms, many new filmmakers, actors, new stories are coming in. The sooner we accept the change, the better for all of us, and that is why I accepted the challenge of facing the country with my acting skills. I think it has been a pretty interesting ride till now with a lot of ups and downs. I take one day at a time and each day as it comes, so I feel that every day is a new beginning and the journey has just started. I am looking forward to doing more interesting stuff on OTT platforms, big screen, and of course, sharing stage with stars”

Prem Desai is proving his mettle in the film industry with every series he is acting in. Many of his fans don’t know that Prem practices Taekwondo daily as a part of his workout. In a previous interview with a leading national daily, Prem had expressed how he wishes to act in an action flick sometime soon. He has also revealed back then that he is a trained martial artist with full-fledged knowledge about Taekwondo since an early age.

Known for series like Savdhaan India, Prem Desai holds a blue belt in Taekwondo. The actor had also recently posted a video of him teaching his fans the basics of the martial art.

It might seem surprising then, that during his acting break, Prem was following a slightly different path. The child of a hospital owner, he completed high school and went on to complete further studies along with his acting and studies he decided to help his father in nourishing his medical facility, during the tough times of Covid 19, Prem didn’t gave up it all, but helped his father with hands in hands to serve the nation and people of his state suffering.

This is the stunning journey of a model turned actor, with an exemplary role of a martial art professional and a social worker.


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