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Irfan Wani: Author of ‘The Girl Who Survived’, has high ambitions for what life has to offer next.

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Irfan Wani is an Indian Author and opinion Freelance Writer. He is the author of the book The Girl Who Survived. Irfan Wani was born in Baramulla, Kashmir. Wani is a practising Muslim. Born on 28 May 1998. He completed his schooling at the St Joseph’s Higher Secondary School, Baramulla and went on to do Computer engineering at Govt Degree College, at Baramulla. In his book The Girl Who Survived, Wani wrote about the brutality on women’s. The book mainly comprises of the factual incidence of Colleen J Stan who was born on December 31, 1956, and considered herself an experienced hitchhiker.

Colleen was hitchhiking from her home in Eugene to her friend’s home in northern California, to attend a birthday party, and on that unfortunate day, she had already turned down two rides. However, when a blue van pulled near her, she felt confident to get into the van as the man driving had his family with him, his wife, and a baby.As it turned out the young couple, Cameron Hooker, 23, and his 19-year-old wife Janice, had been actively looking for a hitchhiker to kidnap. Cameron was a lumber mill worker and had intense bondage fantasies. Before they kidnapped, Cameron was using his wife Janice to fulfil his fantasies. After taking Stan home, Cameron threatened her with a knife, tortured her, and kept her locked in a coffin-like wooden box for 23 hours a day. The couple had two daughters, who never realized that Stan was being kept against her will and had no idea that she was living in the house and story continues.

Being a writer is irfan’s first love and wants to contribute more to literature.

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