Interview With Upcoming Artist Serena Deena

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Serena and her music

From a dancer to her professional music career at a young age. 

Serena Deena is a versatile performer from a family which has not embraced her aspirations and has wanted her other interests to follow. Serena Deena never forgot her aspirations or goals despite family struggles and the heavyweight of economic troubles and has become the artist she is today.

Artist Press Questions

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today? 

I grew up in a family that doesn’t help my aspirations, and I had to overcome the everyday financial challenges that come with it. Luckily my friends always made sure I appreciate growing up stuff. My bestie and my producers holding my hand during suffering.

Where are you from? 


When did you start music? 

When I was young, I sang in the school choir, and at some point, I played electric guitar. I started music professionally when I was 17.

How did you get into music? 

When I decided to pursue music, I began as a dancer and musical theatre artist.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life? 

It was my aunt and uncle’s loss in an aero-plane accident when I was 13 years old.

Are you currently signed or independent? 

Definitely Independent.

Who inspires you the most musically? 

I like all kinds of music, and I’m influenced by singers like Amy Winehouse, who write their own songs.

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music? 

I want individuals to take away that I do music for the sake of love and the good vibes only.

Any new music coming out soon? 

On the 26th of March.

What is your greatest achievement as a musician? 

I got recommended to The Grammys Recording Academy.

Do you produce your own music? If not, who do you work with?

No, but I’m able to write. I collaborate with multi-platinum producers and Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters to write hits and bangers.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with? 

It would be Stormzy and Stefflon Don in terms of UK artists, and it would be Travis Scott and Chris Brown in terms of global artists.

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is it coming out? What is it about?

On the 26th of March, I have a song called ‘Cali Love’ remixed by Coke beats. It’s about a naughty girl skipping school and smoking cools with them cool boys. Yeah, another day in Cali getting high, living life I guess. 

What does a day inside your shoes look like? 

Making music, making money, and creating my brand of fashion. As the CEO and designer of my own label and fashion brand, I have to be on top of my game with networking and creating new content that’s vibrant and current.

Anything else you want the audience to know about you? 

I’m single. Lol

Serena Releases Hot New Song “Cali Love” Coke Beats remix

She is the real thing on the net. The song about to blow up on Tik Tok. Whether you are in Cali, Miami, New York, London and Hawaii – Serena’s captivating vocals and the storyline of this song are going to take you to sweet places and make you feel like home. A chill hip hop banger that will make you dream about guilty school pleasures. 

To learn more about Serena Deena be sure to check out her website or follow her on Instagram @itsserenabiatch


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