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  1. Tell us a bit about yourself

Ans- Myself Pratik Premraj Bhala, author cum CA student. My age is 21 years and writing is my passion .My writing is generally based on patriotism, spirituality, nature and social issues.I had dedicated my pen and my each word in the feet of my late grandfather prabhulalji Bhala. I am follower of hindu faith and has proud to born in santan Dharm . Currently in education I am pursuing CA with graduation.

  1. One person and so many talents together! How did you manage to ace them all?

Ans-I think we don’t have to think about multi works load. In free time I use to invest my time in writing field and for searching new things in the Author community. Apart from studies I can write some little bit which I love to write . Managing both is not a great job but we must have to priorities our jobs .

  1. Brief us about your journey so far.

Ans- My literary journey begins 7years back in 2014  and had achieved his first memory in 2014   itself when my first poem published in newspaper and after that the journey starts to grow .In 2020 I had reached a great milestone when I was awarded with literary badge of BRONZE STAR by India’s largest story telling platform. I had reached 10k followers and in views I had become member of million view storytellers club .In 2021 the prime milestone I had kept by launching my dream first poetry book shabdo ka safarnama which was a great moment. The launching of book on February 2,2021 is one of the important dates in my life uptill now.

  1. What according to you has been your most memorable achievement till date?

Ans-All achievements has there own significance and memories . But the biggest achievement that is in my  memory is when I had got first literature award in 2021 March after that the second memorable achievement day is in August when I had got uptill 12 literature awards and the felicitation by thousands is great August a one more achievement which is most memorable one in the day is when I  was get featured on the cover page of literature magazine.

  1. What inspired you to take up writing?

Ans-Each one has inspiration and my inspiration of writing is Atal bihari vajpayeeji . When I saw that our youth generation is growing the remarkable distance between our religion and country and has lossing it’s importance I had take up pen to write . Writing is not only a timepass but the writer has the responsibility to give a proper view in front of other with truth and respect. The nature deterioration is another reason why I had taken the pen up.

  1. What is that one skill you are extremely proud of possessing?

Ans- My skill on which I have extremely proud is my way to present the each topic in a poetry way with meaningful and detail information. Due to this when someone read my poetry he gain the knowledge with poetry format and also my poetry is in simple way so the common man can understand the poetry and my poetry influences that reader.

  1. What are your upcoming projects in both literary and non-literary fields?

Ans- My upcoming project in literary field is I want to publish a book which contains only one poem which consists of around 18000 words that is around 75 I want to publish such a one poetry book which will be  able to break the record of world’s longest Hindi poetry. In non-literary fields first my upcoming projects is to complete my studies and also want to continue my old social initiative become a green soldier a plantation drive.

  1. Who is your idol? What would you do if you get to spend a day with him/her?

Ans-I think my idol is my pen and I’m having spending a time with him each and every minute. My inspiration and idol is Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

  1. How does it feel to be awarded as a multi-talented figure?

Ans-It is really a great achievement in my up till journey because I had got so many achievements and awards which contains best author award ,best writer award ,best coauthor award ,best achiever of the year , National list author of India award, and so many and now this one will be a special one because this is a multi-talented literary figure.

  1. On a scale of 10, how would you rate your love for writing compared to your other interests?

Ans-You all can understand my love for writing by my tagline of my pen that is  CREATING THE WORLD OF WORDS. I can rate 10 out of 10 on the scale as in comparison to my other interest with writing.


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