Interview with an eminent Indian Photographer|Cinematographer Sagar Pasad

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Speaking about his art of visual storytelling

Sagar Pasad is a Modern Indian Photographer |Cinematographer, specializes in Ad films, feature films, Commercial & Advertising photography having an  experience of over a decade in Commercial-Advertising Photography & a vast array of work in Cinematography | Filmmaking.

Sagar Pasad is a certified master craftsman in photography from NIP & Shari Academy. He is an Alumni of New York Film Academy, Los Angeles campus, specialising in Cinematography | Direction with MBA in Marketing from Brussels University,

Art runs in his blood. Being energetic, he shows active interest in discussing his passion for photography | cinematography

He recently sat down for an interview to discuss his vision, career & how he evolved as an esteemed Advertising photographer | cinematographer.

He conversed with us on few topics of his interest like:

What inspired you towards photography?

Photography is an art. I have an artistic creative background, so creativity & art is in my genes. I got the inspiration from my father Mr. Ramnik Pasad (Renowned Photographer | Videographer since 1980) & my passion for professional photography grew from here. He encouraged me to take pictures & work independently. This support has helped me build a career in photography &Cinematography.

What do you look for when taking a picture?

LIGHT – Light is most important thing, which I like to see through a camera. It fascinates me the most. My engineering background gives me an advantage to identify lights, Angle & the focus of camera accurately. I like to capture moments & tell a story thru my lens.

What is your style of working?
I have my own style to deliver creativity & passion, at same time retaining the originality, which makes a picture more effective & appealing. I do explore & strive for perfection by using different techniques to communicate visually.

What are your niches & specialization in photography?

There is a wide list of Photography genres viz. wedding, fashion, event portrait, fine art, architectural, travel etc. My niches in commercial & advertising photography specialized in product, fashion, lifestyle, industrial photography.

I try &understand client’s requirement & deliver the exact same through my lens. The client has his own thought process and with my creative ideas and experience I try to provide the best to my client.

Yes! I am an artist, but I do understand the psychology of the consumers mind. My entrepreneur skills help me understand the psyche to sell the product & services to the buyer.

What are your strength & what brands you have worked for in your niches?

I have been a part of Commercial Advertising Photography and cinematography for more than a decade now. With experience, my strength developed in lighting, composition, color and styling.

Art Direction helped to develop my style. I have worked with famous brands viz. Raymond, SPACES, Prince Piping Systems, Hindustan Motors, Welspun Global, AVI Global, In Time Fire Extinguisher, Indiabulls, Kool Kanya, Fentimans, Midas Décor, Wall Empire, Apna Organics, etc. to name a few.

What is the future of Advertising with video?

The advertising with video genre is enormous.

With high-tech cameras & lots of software’s available now, less human intervention is required. In future, there will be more green screens, animated or computer generated films. With knowledge of sharing & social media around, the task of cinematographers will be difficult.

What do you like the most – Cinematography or Film Making & Direction?

I like both.

Cinematography is close to heart & I am a Director by my mind.

I have always been a camera person. At an age of 2, I was handling different cameras. Camera has been my third hand. With respect to photography, even cinematography needs camera, light, angles, the feel, the focus everything is close to my heart.

But, I have grown as an entrepreneur. So when it comes to film making, I have the potential to work with, flexible creative thinking skills to tell a story. I can communicate &have technological expertise, with decisive & problem solving leadership qualities.

What advice would you give to the new talents?

I would say, with the advanced technology in cameras, anybody can become a camera person, click pictures, record videos, edit, add filters & upload.

So, competition is huge.  If you want to survive, then you need to learn to work differently with thoughts, expand your avenues & work ahead of the technology.

What are the hurdles you came across?

Although my father is a Photographer. I still had to take up a professional course in photography. I learnt Film Making & Direction. That is because if you want to work professionally & independently you need to have business skills. You should be able to confirm to technical & ethical standards of professional quality in delivering your work.

My journey was full of struggles as I was working on my toes all day, trying to get the expertise in this field. To gain experience & work independently, I did internship with few commercial & fashion photographers for mere Rs. 500/-.

So I have been working & continue to do so.

I am sure that success will surely come my way, if I am consistent, alert and prepared to deal with problems, in delivering my work to client.


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