Interview of Saksham Kailoo – An Entrepreneur Healing People

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Not all superheroes wear capes, Not all entrepreneurs make money.

The following is an interview with an entrepreneur and social worker Saksham Kailoo who is the founder of the NGO One Life Infinite Happiness and Kalam’s Ratna Award. He is an inspiration for so many people out there and today, he has shared his journey with us.

Q· Tell us something about yourself.

Saksham Kailoo, 21 years old belongs to Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir. He is a budding Ayurveda Doctor, Patriot, Music Lover and Social Worker.

Q· When did you actually think of pursuing your career as an Entrepreneur?

Pursuing career as an Entrepreneur is really a wonderful opportunity. As we continue to learn many experiences, some are good, some are bad but the point is we continue to learn throughout the life. Most importantly we continue to give efforts in the society by developing leadership skills etc. After becoming a successful Entrepreneur one can also be a mentor to many.

Q· Tell us about your experience as an entrepreneur

I came across many experiences. I learned a lot. It helped me to develop skills like taking risks, determination, dedication, empathy and most important leadership which is really needed to run a successful startup.

Q· What according to you has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the department you’re currently at?

My biggest challenge in my life was to convince the Clients to take up the counselling who were suffering from Mental Health Disorders. It is really important for us to overcome their stigma. With the help of motivation, my team and professionals, I overcome this. We assured to keep their identity always anonymous, not to judge them and always be with them.

Q· Tell us about your achievements and awards you’ve earned till date.

India Book Of Records

Vajra World Record

Spectrum Shoorveer Award

International Kalam’s Golden Award

Most Deserving Award by AwardsArc

Human Rights Nobel Award

Corona Warrior Award by GHRT

Author of the year 2020 by Ne8x Litfest

Forever star book of World Records

Q· What is One Life Infinite Happiness all about?

One Life Infinite Happiness (OLIH) (an affiliate of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research Foundation) started with an aim to decrease overall cases of Mental Health Disorders. Since, July 2020 we are providing free Counsellings, Medical help, Legal Help, Internships, Volunteerships, Fundraising, Food Drives and much more. All these are being provided by professionals only. In a year, we have done 500+ Counsellings sessions, 8+ food drives, 16+ Fundraisers, 200+ Interns have worked here.

We have treated critical cases like Sexual Abuse, Rape, Domestic Violence, Depression, Anxiety and much more.

Q· What are the services provided at OLIH?

All the Medical services are free of cost.

Free Fundraising event without any charges.

Free Internships without any payment

100% success rate

Q· How can people connect with One Life Infinite Happiness?

Instagram- @onelifeinfinitehappiness @olihmentors



Q· Apart from social work what other sectors are you involved in?

Chief Advisor and Project Head in Unvoiced Heart Publication

Coordinator at Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research Foundation

A student of Ayurveda

Q· Anything you’d like to say to the people reading your interview?

I really believe in two quotes which i want to share to keep this as a motivation for the new startups.

Take care to get what you like otherwise you’ll be forced to like what you get.

“Be the candlelight in your own lighthouse others will automatically gets illuminated.”

Interview by Khushi Sharma

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