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Instagram Model Rexi James on Body Positivity and Living with a Disability

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Body positivity refers to the philosophy that every person deserves to have a positive body image, irrespective of how the world including the so called pop culture recognizes ideal figure. Instagram model Rexi James is helping people build confidence and acceptance of their own bodies. Here’s how.

Breaking stereotypes

Rexi was born with a disability called Arthrogryposis Amyoplasia. This disability affects her joints, tendons and muscles. Needless to say, living and growing up with this disability has been extremely difficult. Growing up, Rexi describes how mad she used to be for being different and that everything was ten times harder than it should be. Even easy tasks like brushing her hair or running was a challenge.

But, with lots of hard work and dedication and more importantly accepting it and embracing body positivity, Rexi could overcome those challenges and rise above them to emerge as the best version of herself. Rexi now advises and coaches everyone to embrace body positivity, accept things which can’t be changed the way they are and focus on things that can be changed.

The making of a successful model

Being a social media influencer and model as a disabled woman has completely changed Rexi’s life. But the path to becoming a model was not an easy one for Rexi.

She was in an extremely tight spot during her teens when she used to attend college full day as well as simultaneously work full time as a receptionist. This was around the same time her Tiktok and Instagram was booming. Rexi noticed how people were motivated by her talks on body positivity despite disability. That’s when she realized she could really make a difference. She quickly gained Instagram followers and the ball kept rolling from then on. Rexi turned it into a modeling profession at the request of her fans and created “onlyfans” which is a platform adult entertainer. Through this medium, Rexi safely interacts with her fans who extol her for promoting body positivity and proving that people with disability can also live happily like normal people.

Rexi’s goal

Rexi signs off with a beautiful message that conveys her goals, “I am able to educate, motivate, inspire, break disability stereotypes and promote body positivity all while working towards my goal as a successful journalist. In the future I hope to bring the same positivity and influence in everything that I do and to continue being a voice for the disabled community.”

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