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Inspirational story of Diplina Mishra

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Our news team has got the opportunity to get an inspirational story from Diplina Mishra who is from a small town of Hooghly and lost 12 kg within 06 months of learning Kickboxing .From the childhood onwards she was attracted to various kind of activities but at the age of 22 she has actively started learning Kickboxing .

Diplina,what made you join Kickboxing?

I remember, back in school days on my way to dance classes (that my mum so eagerly admitted me to), there’d be playgrounds filled with children my age kicking and punching and jumping in white. The seed of curiosity and desire to join in, remained  hidden somewhere in the heart. With the start of the global WFH drive, I was searching for ways to keep get the spirit going, when a friend of mine shared a video of him kicking a Heavybag. There It was! The opportunity for me to cultivate and nurture the long sown interest in kicks and punches.

Who is your inspiration in Kickboxing?

The drive to be able to get better at the art is what inspires me. I have a strong urge to get better at the sport, not for showing off to the world but solely for my enthralling passion in the same. Adding to the motivation, is my Guru, Mr. Gaurav Goswami and his undying love and patience in getting our techniques and movements right.

What is your achievement in Kickboxing?

(Diplina smiles) Actually,I am not here to fight matches and participate in official tournaments…My real achievement would be all those moments in which I keep my fire burning. The fire to learn more, the fire perform better. I have been fortunate to have joined WAKO India’s Coach Training Camp, 2021 held in Bijanbari, Darjeeling. Takebacks in terms of knowledge about kickboxing, boosting stamina and injury management has been achieved.

Did Kickboxing change your life?

Yesssss! I used to be very lethargic and doubtful about my ability in sports. That sure has taken a train back home. But what I have gained on top of that is Stamina, Strength, Confidence and happy hormones. I have lost some odd 12 kgs for sure, but the fun part is I never focused on losing all that fat. It happened while I hit the classes regularly, kicked, punched, jumped, fought, sparred and had immense fun while doing all that…

What message you would like to deliver to the world?

It’ never too late! As ordinary and ancient as it may sound, don’t hold back thinking you’re too old or young or thin or fat or experienced or over qualified etc. to do something you want to. The Geeta says, “ Yatha ichhasi, tahtha kuru” which translates to “ Do as you please”. Analyse, examine, think twice about the pros and cons and if the former weighs out the latter, Dive in! I’d like to add a very important realization and learning of my life, It’s all in the mind. The mind drives the body and if you can control yours and train the brain to do something, no force is out there strong enough to stop you from getting what you want.


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