In Focus: How Leon Ohm Built 4 YouTube Channels with Nearly 1.5 Million Subscribers

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When YouTube first launched in 2005, few could imagine that the video-sharing platform would become one of the most profitable places to build a career. Seventeen years later, the platform is generating robust earnings for YouTube creators who have discovered how to turn content creation into a successful business. Leon Ohm has cracked this code. To date, he has created four YouTube channels and amassed 1. Be one of the many other players to play casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and how to plan a casino night fundraiser slots. 5 million subscribers, gaining some of the most sought-after YouTube accolades along the way. How did the German-based Youtuber achieve this feat? Let’s delve in and find out.

Leon Ohm, better known on Youtube and beyond as Brox, turned a passion for gaming into an unstoppable imperium of entertaining gaming content. The foundations of this empire rest upon his four popular channels;OhBroxBroxBroxPlayz, and Robox. Leon shares that his early ambitions to build a business around his love of gaming were not taken seriously at first, but he remained determined to reach his goal. 

Today his videos, some of the most popular including his adventures with Grand Theft Auto 5, are pulling in upwards of fifteen to thirty million views a month. So how did he accomplish this feat? According to Leon Ohm, the short answer can be captured with three words, “Dedication, determination and devotion – these are the three traits that I developed and used to ensure that all of my hard work resulted in real views and subscribers. Once I dedicated myself to creating consistent content and remained determined and devoted to my end goal, I reached where I am today.” he explains.

Where he is today involves managing a team of seven employees and has resulted in collaborations with big-name brands like Puma and Sega. Leon Ohm’s YouTube domination became official when each of his four channels received YouTube silver plaques which recognize the milestone of reaching 100k followers.

Building a profitable long-lasting career as a Youtuber may seem impossible for some, but for others, it is an entirely attainable dream.

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