In Conversation With Arjun Jaani, Founder, The Entrepreneurs of India

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Arjun Jaani founded The Entrepreneurs of India at the age of 23. He was curious to know why someone is successful and wanted to share their inspiring stories with the world.

His journey has a lot of ups and downs.
Even though he had been an average student, he always believed in practicality and exploring new things with his curious mind!
For his love for the Japanese language, during his college, he started learning Japanese. Clearing 3 levels of 5 in Japanese was one of the most toughest studies he went through, says Arjun.

He always had a corner for entrepreneurship. He never wanted to spend the rest of his life working for somebody, he always knew that he is good at communication, decision making, execution, and leadership that he claims is inspired by his father, who himself is a successful Businessman.
After he graduated from and completed 2 levels of Japanese, he was offered a job as a Japanese translator. There, apart from his job role, he learned things like how to run a business, how to communicate, teamwork, etc and these were the exact qualities that he needed to learn to start up his own venture.
After 1 year of completed his job, at the age of 23, he left the job and decided to walk his own path.
One day, while he was talking to himself, he wondered, why people are the way they are. Why is someone happy or sad or rich or poor or unsatisfied, he was curious to know these answers.

He decided to take interviews and ask these questions directly to people and hence started his venture, The Entrepreneurs of India.

He realized that sharing their journey would not just be an appreciation for the entrepreneur but also an inspiration to the world.

The first day he walked alone from shops to shops and mostly got rejected. But on the contrary, Arjun was happy that a few people actually gave him the opportunity to give an interview.
As time passed by, more people started acknowledging his work and started reaching out to him. Today, after nearly 2 years, he has shared 780+ stories of Entrepreneurs from across the globe! He has a team of 6 people and shares 3 stories every day.

He did a good amount of collaborations and joined the ROLBOL Community as well.
As he interviewed hundreds of Entrepreneurs, he decided to use his connections so they all can grow together.

Arjun Jaani and Nidhi Pandya, Founder of the Growing Buddies community, have joined hands in creating a new community of Growing Entrepreneurs that connects hundreds of Genuine Entrepreneurs Virtually so they can collaborate, connect, support, and grow together.
Today at 25, Arjun feels that he has just started his journey.

He plans to cover as many stories as he can and contribute hugely to India’s development!


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