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“If you chose to lead, you will dominate over the struggling phase” – Abhiveer Shivraj

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Abhiveer Shivraj, an eager beaver who is just passionate towards his goal to fit his shoes into the musical world.

Being a multitasking, Abhiveer is a self instructed musician, lyricist, composer, an astonishing guitarist and singer from Nagpur.

With belll on, He has been putting his wholeheartedly efforts to reach to his audiences in so many ways.
Even during this lockdown, when it seemed like almost every doors had chosen to be closed, his ambitious attitude made it possible to conduct several live concerts, stagelife, unplugged shows, etc.
He has done numerous live concerts at many places as such in Banglore, Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur etc.
Also, a multitude of his cover songs, is continuously showering love over his audiences.

Talking about his waves,
Ups and Downs has been always a part of his journey.
Abhiveer quoted “It’s not necessary to pull you down when life hits you but push yourself to hit it back”.
Being an conscientious person, he has been on his toe to fit himself into the mentioned quote as well.
During this pandemic, the whole world including our country is in transition into a very darkened sky.
All we are supposed to follow social distancing that gives an hope to come out of this phase soon.
But it’s always a need to have some innovativeness that’s attract the mankind.
Hence, Abhiveer and many other playful performers have been joining their hands to cheer up their listeners with a purpose to spread awareness through apprising about the ongoing issues.
Abhiveer says that working over the lyrics within a collaboration and compromising on your vision, for the shake of having space for diversified ideas and voices, usually lead to an ingenious outcome.

On the ball for his work, Abhiveer is gratified for his most important backstage supportive pillar, his respectful Guru Surendra Chandrikapure, who is just at his back specially during this pandemic phase.
A teacher isn’t the one who just appreciate you but also teach you to walk on every step.
Surendra Sir has been helping Abhiveer on his almost every music visions likewise songs recording projects, own composition works, also deeply understands his musical eyesight.
He would always be thankful enough for his Guru’s gracious efforts into his life.

Abhiveer Shivraj, is still on his pace, in the last couple of months, being a solo artist, he has been constantly performing at many places that help him to enhance his personality along with building up his confident towards his aim.
If we look over the Abhiveer’s talent, he is such a versatile singer.
The best part about him is that he can sing any kind of genre either an old or new ones.
He can simply put himself into it enthusiastically.
Basically, Abhiveer treasured lists consist of Classic-Rock, Blues Rock, Indian Classical, Pop , Western Classical Music, Indi-Pop, etc
He has also learnt so many things from his past experiences while going through ghazals, old songs, etc.
He just loved to be a versatile.
And, that’s the best part of his music.

He is also grateful to his well wishers for flooding their love and support in the great masses.
On youtube or Instagram, there are many subscribers and followers, who never miss out to cherish together.
Even their waiting for his advanceous content, always accelerate his passion. And he would always be blessed for it.

We wish this an ardent singer to always shine and break a leg around the world.
Looking forward to hear this rising star with more heartfelt songs.


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