Hunter Johnson creates his own legacy as the brilliant computer prodigy and internet mastermind.

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Even at a very young age, the kind of success he has created has spread waves of inspiration among the youth.

Incredible are all those success stories that have something to teach others, vying to make their mark in their chosen industries of the world. People sometimes may take years to first understand what they seek in life and take a few other years to create a successful journey for themselves. However, a few do that even as young talented beings, while still being in their early twenties, proving to the world how a strong desire combined with endless efforts can take people to even the forefront of their respective industries. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such astute youngster and entrepreneur who has already made much buzz in the data industry is Hunter Johnson, popular as the Dark Prince of the internet.

While other teenagers were still figuring out what they wanted to do in life and had their attention on sports, and video games, Hunter Johnson, on the other hand, had already become a creator when at the age of 13, he first designed an online game. Computers and the internet were his happy place, and so he decided to focus all his attention on these things while growing up. He went ahead in amassing over 1 million active users for his game and, by the age of 20, even made $500,000 and, besides that, even earned 50 million views on YouTube on influencer advertisements. Understanding the internet world’s challenges and complexities became his hobby and later his passion. From 20-22 years, he became a hedge fund manager and trading educator and during this time also wrote an artificial intelligence trading program named $oteria, but he sought much more in life and eventually decided to pave his own path to success by entering the niche of information aggregation.

Creating an innovative algorithm changed the course of his career, which was about compiling everything available on the internet about people. This he turned into a business by providing this algorithm as a service to entrepreneurs and businesses, which today has made him a millionaire. Using AI-based marketing, he turns the business ideas of others into similar businesses for himself but with a far better marketing strategy to outsmart the original business. That is how he is today known as the Dark Prince of the internet.

There is so much that Hunter Johnson (@hunter_johnson) has done, and so much more he aims to do in the internet world in the coming years.


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